It is recommended that girls with less than 158cm tall: wear these two pants with more lengths, show their legs and temperament with temperament

For small people, the most difficult thing when buying clothes is probably the choice of length.

Especially the choice of trousers long, once it is not good, the proportion is poor, and various problems such as the proportion and the height of the height follow. Especially girls with less than 158cm tall, are a veritable little man, and pay more attention to this aspect.

I want to say that the length of nine points and mopped pants is the best. It can cover the legs and look longer. In the hot summer, you don’t have to worry about being tanned. It is almost three!

1. Choose cropped pants according to the figure

Needless to say the thin effect of cropped pants, but if you don’t choose the appropriate version and fabric according to the characteristics of the figure, the effect may be greatly reduced.

Type 1: Limoto Short person

Because the waist part is relatively short, there is no obvious curve feeling compared to the upper body and buttocks, and people with short waist look easily without waist. If you blindly raise your waistline, it will make people feel that the upper body is very cramped and more bloated. It is also recommended to choose mid -waist pants.

Type 2: Lumbar clockbone fat

① Choose a fabric with a good feeling of falling

The fabric that feels hard is not enough to fit the skin. After the upper body, especially when sitting, it is easy to get on the lumbar clock

Break out of “horizontal lines”

The small belly and abdomen were exposed.


Soft and drooping fabrics


Such as suit pants, the wrapping feeling of the upper body waist and abdomen is not so strong, and it is easy to hide the meat.


The feeling of hanging down does not mean that the fabric is thin

, Materials like Ice Silk, it is cool to wear in summer, but the upper body is soft and personal, and the flesh and width of the belly and the width are exposed completely. It looks like a pajamas, which is not suitable for wearing.


◆ Slightly hardness or thickness

, Modify the effect of the legs, and the pants lines are smoother.

The first choice of dark pants

Although light -colored cropped pants look more cool, it is easy to attract more eyes to small belly. Replace

Dark pants, especially black

The thin effect is more obvious.

Pay attention to waist folds

The fold design of the waist can block the fat to a certain extent, but

Too large number of folds (more than 3)

, It is easy to form fold accumulation, and it will be opened by the hips, which is stronger.

Double fold design is the most moderate

, Not only can I hide my hoe, but I do n’t have diarrhea when I sit down, comfortable and thin.


● The length of the folds also has a great impact on the thin effect.

The range of folds is the most thinner on the waist

Essence If you extend to the hips, your eyes will extend to the crotch, and the width will be available.


Type 3: Width and thighs

✅ ✅ pants

Cone pants are pants shapes with upper width and narrow and narrow,

There is a certain amount of loose thighs and hips


The calf part is relatively tightened, which can hide the waist and abdomen fat and width, and the calf part is even thinner.

Cone pants are generally 5-7cm wider than ourselves. Girls need to measure data such as their hips and thighs before buying. The cone pants selected like this can do it

The crotch is loose and appropriate, the calf is narrowed, and the overall version is more in line with our natural body curve.

✅ wide -leg pants

Loose pants with wide -leg pants can hide meat. But in order to avoid highlighting the hip Kuan and the hips too tight, the sisters can choose when choosing pants.


Buy the No. 1 properly, leaving a certain amount of activity for the crotch and hips,

It is more comfortable to wear like this.

If the waist circumference is not appropriate,

Add a good -looking belt

That’s it. Emphasize the waistline again, which is both high and adding more delicate sense of dressing.

The flared pants are tightened at the thigh, which will expose the thigh and width problem. If there is a problem with the width of the pseudo, it will also cause the visual width to decrease, lower the body proportion, and it will be more short.

Type 4: thick calf

※ Flee pants are in the calf part

Expansion design

It is an excellent hidden meat weapon for girls in the calf.

※ It is also recommended to choose


The big horn design is easy to look light and light.

Slit design

Faver pants are more legs.

Second, the choice of mop pants

(1) Grasp the length

For the small man, if the pants are too long, all are stacked on the feet, and it will form

Serious accumulation

It is easy


Pressing a thick leg, destroying the texture of wearing.

It is necessary to let the trousers naturally fold on the foot position, so that the leg lines can be extended visually.

How to grasp the length of the trousers: the pants feet do not exceed the white glue surface of the sole, so that the feeling of stacking folds will not be recessed.

◆ Many mop pants also have a slit design,

The length of the pants is the best at 2-4cm

Just show the ankle, not only is it thin but also lengthen the proportion.

If you accidentally buy a mopped pants with too long pants, you can also try to hold your pants.

● Pay attention when holding trousers


Don’t hold too high

It is easy to go to farmers. if only

Exposing the ankle

You can receive the vitality refreshing.


● At the same time, you can also hold it at will. Don’t be too neat, and the fashion atmosphere will be stronger.

(2) Grasp the width


Most of the mopped pants are loose pants, which is easy to press height. When choosing a young girl, you must pay attention to the width of the trouser.

It is not tight behind the upper body, and there is a certain amount of activity margin

That’s fine.

(3) Pay attention to the location of the pocket

If there is a pocket design on the back of the pants, be sure to pay attention to its location, size and spacing.

The pocket is high and small, the distance between the two pockets is small

It will be lifted to the visual center of gravity so that the buttocks can be better.

Third, match principles

Although nine -point pants and mopped pants are different from the length of the pants and the version, for the small man, the matching concept is the same, that is, the hidden meat is significantly high. Therefore, the principle of matching is the same.

Part1, make good use of color matching

① The rules of the same color

The simplest color matching is the law of the same color system, which will form


Visual effects of vertical extension

, OK to show high effects.

◆ The color of the top and pants should not be exactly the same,

There are depths

It can more reflect the texture.

◆ Light and down deep

The color matching is the most suitable for the small man, and the focus of the focus is on the upper body, which is even higher.

◆ With the same color shoes

The extension effect is more obvious.


◆ Black is the most thinner,


The skinny effect is also the best. Can

With bright color bags or accessories

, Will not be monotonous.

② Bright color top

Bright colors are often more eye -catching. Wearing bright colors will focus more on the upper body, naturally higher. But pay attention to the following points:

I avoid fluorescence, which is very easy to show black;

The color with low II saturation is more suitable for yellow and black skin;

The color with a higher saturation of III should be kept away from the face as much as possible, and you can try a suspender or V -neck style to slow down the degree of darkness.

Part2, pay attention to details

① Make good use of accessories

⊙Bags with short shoulder straps

If the underarm bag can also improve the visual center of gravity, it is recommended that a small man hand.


Compared to big bags,


More compact and exquisite, not easy to press height, it is the first choice for small people.

Bags can choose

The color of the same color as the top or pants

It is more tall and more textured.

② Design model top

The design model is also a good way to focus on the upper body, which can make it more delicate.


Just one to two designs

Instead, it is cumbersome and cumbersome, and it is easy for a small man to support it.


Choose a simple model for pants

Only when it is simplified to be tall and thin.

Part3, shoes selection

① high heels

● High heels+cropped pants, more prominent

Ankle sensation

, Double the lean effect.

● High heels+mopped pants,

Avoid stacking of pants feet

, Even more profitable.


● It is also recommended to choose sisters


High heels with thick heels, the heel height is between 3-5cm


, Significant and not tired, commute or shopping.

② pointed shoes


Pointed shoes also have a visually extended effect, and it is more long -legged. It is more recommended

Select pointed shoes with the same color as the pants


It is absolutely high to extend the extension effect to the extreme.

③ thick sole shoes

Sisters who can’t wear high heels can be replaced with thick -bottomed shoes such as daddy shoes, which are also high and not tired. Sole

Pay attention to grasp

It is too high to appear heavy and light, and it is easy to stomach.

We tall is not what we can decide ourselves, but wearing it! Therefore, don’t worry too much about the little sisters, learn to wear well, and you can also wear 1 meter 7 meters!

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