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Self -sticking wallpaper is still a popular one in the current market. Its decorative effect is good. Whether it is daily wall decoration or decoration, it is deliberately used, but it is more troublesome when the adhesive wallpaper stickers. Let’s take a look at it below Shijiazhuang Decoration Network Master teaches you

How to post self -stick wallpaper

Let’s take a look together.

1. First of all, before the wallpaper, be sure to clean the wall to avoid dust affecting the adhesive effect. If the wall surface is uneven, you must make up and prepare the corresponding tools.

2. After cleaning, use the ruler to measure the height that should be pasted, and then cut it. When cutting, leave 5 cm per side to facilitate later treatment. There are patterns on the wallpaper. Pay attention to beauty when cutting.

3. It also needs to be cut from the stickpaper. After cutting, pour the base film into the bucket, put it in water and mix well, and then apply it evenly on the wall.

4. When paste the self -adhesive wallpaper, first start from the side of the wall and paste along one direction. Scrape from one side to the other side with a scraper to eliminate the gas. Otherwise, bubbles are prone to appear. Then cut off the excess wallpaper.

5. The last step is to cut around after paste. Pay attention to the cutting of doors and windows and switches.

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Self -stick wallpaper purchase skills

1. When buying self -stick wallpaper, you need to choose the pattern type according to the volume of the room. Under normal circumstances, the pattern of the wallpaper should be determined, such as large rooms and large walls, suitable for abstract patterns, while small walls can be used with clear patterns and regular wallpaper.

2. When buying self -stick wallpaper, you also need to choose the color of the wallpaper according to the volume of the room. Generally speaking, small rooms can use light -colored wallpaper with better reflectives to diffuse the visual space. The large rooms with large flowers and dark wallpaper appear to appear to see large flowers and dark wallpaper. Compact and gorgeous.

3. The living room is a public place where guests receive guests. When buying the living room wallpaper, it is also necessary to pay attention to the color. Because the living room is the most concentrated place of people, the public is mainly based on the public. For example, you can choose beige, pale yellow, and pale gray. The texture is given priority on the texture, followed by film color, pattern.

4. European colors also need to pay attention to buying. The bedroom is different from the living room. The bedroom is a place for us to sleep and rest. You can choose a suitable self -stick wallpaper according to your own personality hobby. Warm and personality. If it is a western room, you can consider green.

5. You can also do dripping tests when you buy self -stick wallpaper. A few drops of water are dripped on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is water through the paper. If you can’t see it, it means that this wallpaper does not have air permeability, and it is by no means pure natural wallpaper. Take a piece of pure paper wallpaper and pour a little water on the back. After about 15 minutes, the water will invade the front of the wallpaper, remove the wallpaper, and you can see that the water has passed on the table.

6. Bubbles are also a way to buy self -stick wallpaper. Soak some wallpapers in the water, and then use your fingers to scrape the surface and back of the wall to see if it fades or soaked. The real pure natural wallpaper is strong, and the pure natural ingredients extracted from flowers and linen because their dyes are flowers and linen. Water blisters and discolored.

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How to post self -stick wallpaper

How to post self -stick wallpaper

Self -stick wallpaper purchase skills

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