Is there any difference between Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, Zhou Dasheng, Saturday, Liufu, and Golden Dafu jewelry brand?

I am fortunate to have done 13 years of brand management in the Chow Tai Fook area, to do two years of regional marketing in the same brand of Liufu Group, and do it at the Jin Dafu headquarters for more than half a year. There are also many jewelry brands in the middle of the market and unannounced visits to countless jewelry brands. Of course, it also includes Jewelry brands such as Zhou Shengsheng, Saturday, and Jin Liufu. If you want to ask these “Zhou” surnames and “blessings” jewelry brands, what differences can I see me slowly.


It is a nationwide jewelry brand, which is quite nonsense, but this is a premise, because not all jewelry brands can achieve national chain. The national chain represents a certain price nationwide,

“Real price” will not buy fakes, of course, it is expensive or not, just say it separately.

It is also more convenient after sale. Many jewelry brands have only a few shops or cities with stores, and they cannot talk about national chains. There are more than 4,000 shops in the country with the most brands mentioned above and Chow Tai Sheng nationwide, and the minimum Jin Dafu also has hundreds of stores across the country.



Sales are all three categories of gold, diamonds, and colorful money.


Each shop has more or less distribution. Especially when buying gold, the first thing you think of is these jewelry brands.

In addition, the most important point is that the gold jewelry they sell is the same. It will not be high because Chow Tai Fook, Zhou Shengsheng, and Liufu’s gold are high. The gold jewelry sold by major jewelry brands is all gold jewelry. Although the price is different, the recovery price is the same.

What are the differences between these jewelry brands? The brand name is different, the market status is different, the number of stores is different, the pricing of jewelry is different, and the product styles are not exactly the same


Brand name differences: Although they are called “Zhou” what jewelry and “blessing” jewelry, their names are not the same, indicating that they are not the same jewelry brand, there is no direct relationship between them, but competitors. The domestic opening of the gold jewelry market has only been more than 20 years. The earliest names of Zhou Daifu and Chow Sangsheng, which were originally called Zhou Jewei brand more than 90 years ago.


After a leader in an industry, other latecomers are more or less reference or imitating some names, because wearing gold jewelry has the meaning of wealth and nobleness, and there is no problem with the name of the name. As for “Zhou”, Zhou Shengsheng and Zhou Dasheng’s boss surnamed Zhou, and Zhou Dafu’s boss surnamed Zheng, which was developed by the inherited Laozhang people Zhou’s jewelry shop.


Different market status:


Although it is also a jewelry brand called “Zhou” or “Fu”, their market position is completely different. The mid -to -high -end malls in the first, second -tier and third -tier cities are completely home for Zhou Dafu, Liufu, and Zhou Shengsheng. The ranking of gold jewelry sales in the mall is basically the top three of these three. They have to place a good location for the mall, the advertising resource mall to give free outdoor advertisements. When the preferential activities, the shopping mall will give the shopping mall to give the deduction point. And Zhou Dasheng, Saturday, and Jin Dafu basically do not have much competitiveness.

However, shopping malls or street shops in fourth and fifth -tier cities are mainly the main markets such as Chow Tai Sheng and Saturday. Zhou Shengsheng has little involved in these places. Many new town shops in Zhou Dafu are not as good as Zhou Dasheng’s sales, indicating that these jewelry brands have different customer bases.

The number of stores is very good. It is well understood. The brand sales are good for rapid development, and the number of stores will be large. There are more than 4,000 stores in Chow Tai Fook and Chow Tai Sheng, and there are two or three thousand stores on Saturdays and Sixfords on Saturday. Zhou Shengsheng and Jin Dafu have only hundreds of stores across the country, or they are more conservative.


Different pricing:

Liufu has foot gold jewelry and foot gold 999 gold. Today, Football 999 is 498, Chow Tai Fook Foot Gold 497, Chow Shengsheng Foot Gold, Platinum 393, Chow Tai Sheng Foot Gold 497, Saturday 498, Golden Dafu 495 per gram, all of them are working expenses. In addition, the price of gold is calculated. It’s just that the price of gold is not much different. As for K gold, platinum, diamonds, emerald and other pricing, it is even more different, and the preferential strength of holidays is also different.


The style of goods is not exactly the same: the goods of jewelry shops are divided into unique series products and large sea products.

Dahai goods are similar, such as traditional gold jewelry, K gold necklace, four -six -claw diamond ring, etc. Each jewelry brand has the same style.


For example, the K -gold O -character chain, basically all brands are the same, may also be produced by the same factory, just printing different LOGOs. Traditional gold bracelets such as everyone are the same styles. Except for Chow Tai Fook processing in Wuhan and Shunde Factory, most of the other jewelry brands choose some large factories in Shenzhen to pick up goods in Shenzhen. There are also emerald, pearls, and bare diamonds. They are not divided into brands. As long as the quality is good, which jewelry brand is purchased, or private customization is the same.

The difference in specialty products is the biggest difference in jewelry brand:

Chow Tai Fook is a full -category jewelry company. Fist products are inherited series of gold jewelry, hard golden Forbidden City series, Fuxing baby, KT, etc., diamonds are TM, guardian and other brand characteristics. Zhou Shengsheng is a full love diamond, cool black series, etc. Liufu is the time of love and Zhou Dasheng.


Different styles of special products are the biggest features of jewelry brand differentiation. There is no soul without its own products. Just like the Cheetah and LOVE jewelry, we will think of Cartier, Snake Ring and small skirts, you will think of Bulgari. When you talk about classic six -claw wedding rings and smiley faces, you will think of Tiffany.


The jewelry brands are not tight with the word “week” or “blessing”. Without their own special products, they are jewelry brands without souls. They are really just imitation.

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