Refreshing sports style, new fashion after winter after sweeping the year

The trend of sports has gradually swept the world, and more and more people have begun to favors sports style and began to tend to buy fashionable sports items. Even some hot little fresh meat and fashion icon have loved sports style. After all, it is not only comfortable and versatile, but also looks full of energy ~ But, when it comes to the combination of sports style, what can you think of?

The combination of hooded sweaters+coats can be said to be the darling of fashion tide ~ low -key, restrained and handsome ~ But if you think this kind of match is a bit monotonous, try some complicated pattern sweaters or plaid shirts to help you let you make you The characteristics of the type of men are higher. As for the essential item -sports pants, it is even more important! When the weather is not so cold, a simple sweater with sports pants, the sports style will come easily ~ No matter what the match is, it is perfect.

1. Sports riding hooded jacket

Very windy jacket, the outer layer is a coating fabric, has good waterproof performance, and classic waterproof zipper design. It is very textured. A layer of polyester fabric is very comfortable. The more loose style, you can wear a few more clothes in it ~ then you are not afraid of cold ~


2. Japanese Harajuku Snow Curious Sports Pants


Use 280 grams of high -density knitted fabric snowflake cotton fabric, heavy water washing, remove the floating color, make the fabric more comfortable, and the color is more natural ~ the overall feeling is simple and retro style ~ the pants are quite thick and soft and very textured. ~ Whether it is exercise or usually activity, it is very convenient. The cost performance is very high ~

3. Winter hemp material combat cotton jacket


Selected contrasting cotton clothes, so that the whole clothes look not monotonous, very autumn and winter retro style, and the design is not bloated, and you can wear sports ribbons when you are out of the street. The fabric is also a very warm fabric. The effect of cold resistance ~ Whether it is hidden blue or brown, it is good to match ~ age reduction and youth ~

4. Japanese nine -point Harlen pants

Selected high quality and not poured, both soft and soft and warm ~ help you lock more warmth ~ and the version is very good, straight and stylish, not bloated at all. The position of the trousers adopts a beam design, which improves your sports functionality, and is casual and comfortable. Whether it is work and leisure or entertainment, this pants will give you a perfect experience ~

5. Korean version of self -sliming round neck sweater

The design of the spiral cuffs makes the sweater more fashionable, and selects warm material, so that you have a warmer and comfortable experience. Fun zipper decoration, both highlighting the vitality and very interesting ~ Whether in formal occasions or leisure sports, it seems to be full of vibrant ~ good -looking contrasting design, which is low -key and atmospheric ~


6. Add velvet thick sports pants


A new style jogging pants, a trendy item between traditional sports pants and casual pants ~ bring you a new fashion light experience. The innovative design of the pocket shape makes this pants look full of tide -not simple color strips to create cool and stylish ~ fitted version also makes you look more upright ~ and the exquisite car wiring is also very good!


7. Japanese Harajucha Tide Sports Holding Shirt

The exquisite pattern color matching makes the whole jacket more brilliant ~ It is very young, and it looks more energetic. It feels like a bit of national atmosphere ~ The styles and fabrics are very colorful, and there is a faint camouflage style. The slim version also makes you more warm and tall ~ It is very suitable for young people in the sports department!

8. Young foot jeans


A piece of jeans that are very simple and comfortable. The color of the denim is very beautiful and fashionable. It is a very low -key blue. The delicate white wiring makes the whole clothes look more advanced. The version is not loose or not, it is a natural and casual style. And it’s very versatile, no matter what top match looks OK.

9. A wild tide men’s hooded sweater

The high -quality threaded cotton woolen fabric is selected, and the high -quality printing design makes the sweater look more delicate and stylish. The overall style follows the classic version of the sweater and casual version, which is improved at this foundation. It looks better on the upper body. Double -plug pockets are also the most popular design this year. The handsome index of the upper body surge! The figure is super beautiful!

10. Japanese tide male workers jogging pants


The style of Jogger Pants, commonly known as jogging pants, is quite stylish in pants design, the hips and thighs are loose and tailored, and the part of the calf to the pants is slowly narrowed. It is the position of the trousers with a beam design, which can increase the functionality of the exercise, and the fabric is mostly chino commonly used oblique fabric

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