Different face hats match ~ Come and see what kind of hat you are most suitable for!

Many friends now like to wear hats, not only cool but also shade ~

But different faces are suitable for wearing different hats. For example, round faces are not suitable for wearing baseball caps. Wearing it will look more round and larger! (*^▽^*) The face shape is mainly divided into egg face, round face, long face, square face ~

Egg -shaped face


The egg -shaped face is really the most ideal face, no matter what kind of hat you wear ~


The Xiaobian with a round face is really envious! Friends with egg face are really happy ~

Round face

Round face is more suitable for straw hat ~

Most of the original straw hats were used by men. Now there are many cute straw hats decorated with bows such as bows ~


Long face

Friends with long faces are the most suitable for fisherman hat ~


Wearing a fisherman’s hat can show a small face, it looks more attractive ~

The wide hat soft hat can make the face look more attractive. If you match a beautiful dress, it will be more beautiful ~

The above is the method of different face shapes introduced by Xiaobian. If you plan to buy a hat, hurry up to buy a hat that suits you ~ o (∩_∩) o

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