Credit survey | Refuse the large -scale platform “winner” large and medium -sized enterprises to integrate the “and run” era comes

The meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China recently held that the development of “specialized new” small and medium -sized enterprises. SMEs are an important guarantee for my country’s economic toughness, accounting for more than 90%of my country’s total enterprises. With the publication list of the 3930 “specialized new” small giant enterprises in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 4,762 small and medium -sized enterprises in the country have been on the list. Several experts said that in the digital economy era of digitalization and digital industrialization in the real economy, we must cultivate a new type of real economy, and use the advantages of markets, technology, and information to empower SMEs and build an ecological pattern for the integration and development of large, small and medium -sized enterprises. Refuse the big platform “Winners to eat”.

Cultivate new physical enterprises to give birth to large, small and medium -sized enterprises to “run” ecology

As a new physical enterprise with physical enterprise genes and digital technology capabilities, Jingdong Gathering supply chain and digital technology capabilities have helped small and medium -sized enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency and develop markets. At present Special “SMEs and little giants, as well as millions of small and medium -sized enterprises.

“Jingdong’s operating model is different from the traffic platform enterprise. It has always been a heavy asset model to promote the physical business. The group has nearly 400,000 employees, directly hires more than 260,000 line employees, and tens of thousands of offline stores.” Jingdong Liu Hui, dean of the Institute of Consumption and Industry Development, said that is a new type of real economy enterprise with high technical research and development investment, high employee salary expenditure, high tax amount, and low profit.

“Large enterprises like Jingdong include e -commerce and offline retail physical stores, and digital technologies. They are typical new type of real economy enterprises. It is necessary to drive the integration and development of small and medium -sized enterprises.” The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly released the national SME service action “Star Plan”, which focuses on the sustainable development of SMEs. The chain service model realizes the self -“hematopoietic” of SMEs on the basis of “blood transfusion”. As of June of this year, special services mainly based on the “Dynamic Star Project” have covered 26 cities across the country and supported nearly 250,000 small and medium -sized enterprises to grow.

“Enterprise innovation and development are in the stage of race. It turned out to be running slowly. Now the country guides it into a way of running. Natural ecology. “Liu Xiangdong, deputy minister of the Ministry of Economic Research of the China International Economic Exchange Center.

Leading enterprises make up for small and medium -sized enterprises “shortcomings” to break the situation of large, small and medium -sized enterprises

Experts said that the development of large and medium -sized enterprises depends on where the blockage points of SMEs and in which aspects can be provided. In a e -commerce industrial park in Xiushan County, Chongqing, small companies that are mainly engaged in foods shared companies in the process of traditional e -commerce expanded live e -commerce. The logistics operation capacity in the industrial park is insufficient, and the inventory backlog and out of stock occurred. Worried about the poor logistics caused a bad reputation, some top -flow anchors did not dare to share cooperation with strange.

One drop of water is an insulation cup and insulation pot production enterprise in Yongkang, Zhejiang. The homogeneous competition in the thermal insulationware industry is serious, and it often fights for a “price war.” In recent years, the company has been developing towards quality and brand -oriented routes. However, companies do not understand user conditions. How to create “explosive models” products based on user habits and preferences, companies are deeply unable to grasp themselves.

In the survey, many small and medium -sized enterprises such as strange sharing, one drop of water have encountered difficulties and existence of obvious “shortcomings” urgently needed to support and empower large enterprises.

With the support of the local government, JD Logistics has established an industrial cloud warehouse in Xiushan County, eliminating the cost of hiring people by small enterprises for their own logistics operations, helping Qi Shao to face the “peak” of delivery. The sales volume of strange sharing also increased from 3,000 orders per day to more than 15,000 orders, and cooperated with a live broadcast or even more than 40,000 orders.

For the urgent need of a drop of water, the integrated supply chain solution of JD Logistics has formulated an overall inventory management plan and the application of digital technology prediction explosive products. At present, the company uses consumer analysis to promote the change of front -end production structure. The product design is increasingly in line with user needs, and the delivery is getting faster and faster, forming a positive cycle.

Different types of stores such as fresh fruits and vegetables, mother -to -child, flowers, flowers, cake baking and other different types of streets are also enabled by new physical enterprises. According to the Dada Group, relying on the delivery network of Dada Express and the omni -channel retail solutions of to go online and offline, more than 110,000 physical retail stores have settled in the “Jingdong home” Sales more and create more jobs.

“The” Fourteenth Five -Year Plan “period talked about the cultivation of new physical enterprises and promoted the integration and development of large, medium and medium -sized enterprises. Enterprises lead to solve the industry’s common technical difficulties, so that small and medium -sized enterprises can get better applications, focus on solving the shortcomings of different links in the industrial chain, and enhance the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of SMEs.

Large, medium -sized enterprises require government and financial institutions multi -coordinated support

Regarding the future promotion of large and medium -sized enterprises in the future, many experts said that it is necessary to further support the policy system, service system, market environment, and inclusive finance.

——Book the policy system and law enforcement inspection. Luo Junzhang said that the development of SMEs has the “SME Promotion Law”, “Payment of Payment of SMEs”, “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of SMEs”, “Several Opinions on Promoting the Development System of SMEs” and other laws. Or rules. In 2019, the National People’s Congress conducted law enforcement inspections on the Promotion Law of SMEs, emphasizing the implementation of the rights and interests of small and medium -sized enterprises in accordance with the regulations. It is recommended to carry out regular policy inspections and policies in the future, let governments at all levels implement regulations, let SMEs aware of regulations, and safeguard their rights in accordance with laws and regulations.

——On improve the construction of the service system and enhance the scientific and technological content of SMEs. Several experts said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and governments at all levels should establish a system of serving SMEs, and each province, municipality, and even county governments set up small and medium -sized enterprise service centers. In addition, we must give full play to the role of social service agencies, establish a service system standard, and improve the quality of SME services.

——The market environment for new physical enterprises to nurture small and medium -sized enterprises. Liu Xiangdong said that it is indeed necessary to support large enterprises to play a leading role to form a stable nursery effect on SMEs. On the one hand, it is to nurture small and medium -sized enterprises in the fields of technology and information, so that small and medium -sized enterprises and large enterprises have consistent innovation and development. On the other hand, governments at all levels and new physical enterprises must provide a stable market environment for SMEs. To do a good job in the industrial chain, large enterprises will nurture small and medium -sized enterprises, and large, medium and medium -sized enterprises collaborate to nurture the society. Professor Xu Zhengzhong, deputy director of the Central Party School of the Central Party School, said that leading enterprises must not only do the “chain leader” of the supply chain and value chain, but also the “chain leader” of the technical chain and innovation chain.

——The development of inclusive finance, alleviating the difficulty of financing for SMEs and expensive financing. Many experts said that financial institutions should increase loan discounts on SMEs and implement them in inclusive finance and supply chain finance. Financial institutions should transform the cooperation model with SMEs, and transform from simply “blood transfusion” into physical enterprises to “blood -making” to help SMEs truly profit and achieve a win -win situation.

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