Shen Mengchen can also wear too much, a word shoulder top with a semi -skirt, a long hair temperament of the shawl

Everyone has their own personality, everyone has their own emotions, and everyone has their own preferences. Because of different habits, different personalities, different preferences, everyone’s dress also has a different taste. Nevertheless, Volkswagen’s aesthetics are relatively similar. Whether it is sweet style, sexy style, or handsome style, elegant style, it has its own style.

Shen Mengchen is a sweet girl, and the style of clothing is also changing. So how can we match your own beauty? First of all, judge your face value, and the second is to understand your body characteristics, and finally to avoid shortcomings through the matching of clothing.

Shen Mengchen is too way to wear it. The shoulder top with a semi -skirt, the shawl has a gentle temperament. Girls with gentle temperament also have certain characteristics. Their facial lines are softer and the three -dimensional sense will not be so strong, so there is no rigid, cold, and hard feeling, giving people a sweet temperament like the neighbor.

Just like Shen Mengchen’s looks, a bit of fleshy face, the facial features are softer. Big eyes, long eyelashes, long eyelashes, beautiful double eyelids, gentle and sweet, at first glance, it makes people look heartbroken. This kind of girl is gentle and sweet, and is more suitable for sweet style.

The white top of the shoulder, with a striped half -body skirt, is also a very refreshing and sweet match. The reason why it shows the sweet and fresh temperament is mainly related to the color matching of clothing. Even if the same shoulder top with a skirt, if the color is different, the temperament is different.

If it is a dark -colored shoulder top, and with a black and white striped skirt, it is a more sexy and seductive style, so when choosing clothing, color matching is also very important. The matching of light colors and bright colors, fresh atmosphere, softer and more eye -catching.


The color of clothing on the overall visual effect is still very great. In daily matching, we care more about what color we like, but ignore what color we are suitable for. In fact, no matter what color, it is better for you.

How to choose a clothing color that suits you first, you must first understand your skin tone. For example, our skin tone is basically divided into cold white skin and warm yellow skin. Relatively speaking, cold white skin is basically no concern, and all colors of clothing can be easily controlled. If you warm the yellow skin, it is more suitable for the soft color system that is not so high in brightness, so that the color can not be black.

Shen Mengchen’s skin is fair, so the ability to control clothing is relatively strong. The pure white shoulder top, with a red and white skirt, made her skin tone more fair and translucent, and the temperament of the whole person was more gentle and gentle. In daily matching, if your skin tone is fair, you can also choose more bright colors, which not only shines more, but also whiter.


In fact, in this set of Shen Mengchen, there are still some careful opportunities. For example, the top of the shoulder, the embellishment of the fold element is used to form a more fashionable and elegant style. It is also good for the modification effect of the body shape. Even if there is a little fat at the waist, it can play a certain concealment.


The top of the shoulder, using a pleated element, a high -waist skirt, and the stitching of horizontal stripes and vertical stripes, which can better outline the proportion of waist lines. Essence In daily matching, the elements of horizontal stripes are not common, because the horizontal stripes can broaden the sight and form a more fat effect. Therefore, if the figure is not so slim, it is recommended that you choose the vertical stripes.


Shen Mengchen is more fashionable to wear look:

Shen Mengchen’s dress is also more changing. Many celebrity temperament can be changed through makeup. If you want to be more sexy and seductive, you can match a slit skirt. Therefore, the purple T -shirt and the skirt with a slit element can show a handsome and windy feeling. With high heels with rivet elements, the temperament is more outstanding.


How can you get a little black dress with sexy wind. The more classic elements, the more high -level atmosphere is worn. The particularly simple and neat style, without the modification of other elements. The whole body only uses the tailoring of self -cultivation to outline the graceful figure. The perfect waist and hip ratio is also naturally presented. With a pair of high -heeled high -heeled shoes, the whole person’s temperament is more outstanding.

The satin dress skirt, the design is very simple and atmospheric, and the off -the -shoulder style presents a more delicate style. With a tall big skirt, the aura is full, which is a very high -level and expensive match.

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