Liquid waterproof band -aid! 30 seconds to form a film, sterilize and breathable, and can also promote wound healing

It is inevitable to encounter some bumps in life, and some small wounds can be treated with band -aids, but the current Chuangya Paste is easy to fall off when it is water. Activity is really inconvenient!

As a result, the editor of the life discovered this three -year -old -developed, sterilized, sterilized, bleeding, and acceleration healing, which lasted for 3 years.

Beauty element


Liquid waterproof band -aid

It cleverly solves all the pain points when the traditional pioneer can use, which can naturally form a film, fit the wound area, and waterproof and breathable.

Adopt an original patented formula, apply it in the wound in the form of gel, can fit the wound area, quickly go deep into the wound, repair damaged cells, accelerate healing, and play a role in sterilization and disinfection.

After applying, it can dry up in 30 seconds to form a flexible and breathable waterproof film.


It can effectively protect the wounds and wounds. When taking a bath, you don’t have to worry about the wound’s contact with water or shower gel and avoid secondary infection.

The faint alcohol+mint flavor has a slight tingling sensation on the hand, but compared to the traditional creation of the hemostasis, its hemostatic effect is also visible to the naked eye.


You can maintain it for at least 2-3 days at a time, how to friction will not be tilted, it is moisturized on the wound, and the wound is super mild.


Light and breathable, as soft as the second layer of skin, can be torn apart after the wound healing, and the skin will not be white or wrinkled.

It can be flexibly used in joint parts such as fingers, elbows, knees, etc., which is not easy to fall off, nor does it affect normal activities.


In addition, the US molecular research team made hundreds of repeated attempts on the wounds caused by different reasons, and adopted the world’s most advanced “wet healing theory” to create a wet environment with rapid healing wounds, which can double the healing speed.

The pH value of the American molecules is weak and acidic. The skin attributes of the same person are close. It can create a good environment for new skin, allowing the wound to heal faster, and it is not easy to produce scar hyperplasia.

The certification of food and drug testing is a product that recognizes safety and effectiveness and no side effects.


The self -weight is only 15g, and the bag can be put in the bag anytime, anywhere.


And 15G’s beauty elements can use about 300 times, which is much more affordable than ordinary innovation than one yuan!

In the end, I also need to remind me: Beauty molecular liquid creation can be pasted with alcoholic ingredients, alcohol allergies and pregnant women need to use it with caution; tighten the bottle cap as soon as possible after use; Wherever you get, avoid eating by mistake. (For specific precautions, please refer to the product manual)




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