Autumn and winter standard sleeve sleeve

Guangdong entered the winter yesterday. Today, I ride a little donkey to work for a while, especially through those under the shade of the tree. When I saw a handsome guy wearing short sleeves when I saw the traffic light, I subconsciously pulled the cotton zipper. Looking forward to look at the other young lady waiting to cross the road, wearing a sleeve cover. No wonder I always feel a little weird at work yesterday; it turned out to be forgotten to wear sleeves. This is the habit of developing for many years. Once you wear long -sleeved clothes cuffs in autumn and winter, it is standard.

I remember that in the autumn and winter of Shangjia Company, all of our departments are standard sleeves. Colleagues from other departments always say that we are weird. They really can’t understand their business, but friends who are busy in the office all day must understand. Wearing a white shirt on the table also encountered a red and black pen on the table. With the sleeve cover, you can avoid it perfectly.

There are more and more sleeves now, and there are waterproof. After we explained in the post -90s post -90s post -90s post -90s, there were two pairs of cartoons, animals, flowers and plants.

Autumn and winter are here. I don’t know if everyone will wear sleeves at work!

Author: ArticleManager