How to wear a small girl in summer, “chiffon+skirt”, the fashion temperament is still high

The contest belonging to summer has begun. The hot summer is the season when girls show their good figure. Girls with tall figures often choose clothing better and can attract attention. This makes many small girls envious.

Due to the limitation of height, many small girls should pay more attention to wearing, want to give people a sense of tall and thin, but also have a fashionable and temperament. Many girls do not know how to match in the summer. Do not miss chiffon. With a half -body skirt, the fashion temperament is still high, which meets all the requirements of small children.


look1. Chiffon shirt half -sleeved+denim skirt


Simple temperament type, blue and white matching in summer. The white ruffled shirt is half -sleeved and refined, and the fabric of chiffon is thin and breathable, which is the first choice of summer. The slightly bubble sleeve design is in line with the popular fashion of this year. The lace lace design at the cuffs is more pure and charming. The V -neck design of the neckline can play a role in modifying the face shape.

The lower body is paired with a denim split skirt, which is very pure denim blue, and matches the white shirt half -sleeve, which feels clean and tidy, very refreshing. Because the weather is hot in summer and the denim fabric is relatively poor, we must choose a light and elastic denim fabric when choosing, which can reduce the feeling of sweltering. This overall match will perfectly show the pure style.

The style and style of the half -sleeved shirt are diverse. If you like a retro and cute style, you can try this wave dot shirt half -sleeve. The combination of retro and modern design uses classic wave dot elements with bubble sleeve design, which reveals a cute feeling in the retro.


The lapel design has more age -reducing effects. The buckle design is the most chic. It uses cheongsam -style plate buckle, which is more stable and atmospheric. The denim skirt in the lower body is a conventional design. The straight tube modifies the leg shape. The hair edges of the skirt are more fashionable. A very age -reducing set. Don’t miss it!


look2. Chiffon lamp cage sleeve top+khaki -body umbrella skirt

The sisters of the office workers want daily commuting installations, and this match will definitely make you amazing. The top is also a chiffon fabric used in it, light and soft, suitable for dressed in summer, it will not be sweltering and very cool.

The elegant color with the printing design gives people a dignified and elegant feeling. The design of the lantern sleeve adds some cute feeling to the shape. This style can be well covered with thick upper arms, especially the shoulders and strong arms, the arms thick Sisters must start with one, fashionable and thin.

The neckline and cuffs are round fold design, which reduces the monotonous feeling. The wrinkles design of the neckline can also play a thin role. It visually weaken the attention of the shoulders. The clothing itself is a loose style. Suitable.

The umbrella skirt in the lower body is khaki, and the solid color is more out of the texture and high -level sense of clothing, giving people feel comfortable and clean. The skirt is a high -waisted design, which can protect the abdomen, but also improve the waistline to make the legs look more slender. The characteristic of the umbrella skirt is that the skirt is very loose. If you are a pear -shaped figure, the lower body is fat, the umbrella skirt is your excellent choice, the effect of covering the meat is very good, it is thin and high.

The most unique skirt is to design a large pocket, so that the skirt does not look monotonous, and it increases the feeling of leisure, which looks more casual and natural. As the highlight of the entire dress, the red shallow shoes are very highlighted, and the white effect is not even more to be said.

look3. Light yellow floral shirt+white pleated skirt

I have to say that chiffon materials are the gospel of hot sisters in summer. This whole set of combinations are chiffon fabrics used. The refreshing and comfort are very high. Light and light breathability is suitable for summer wear. The pale yellow floral shirt gives a small fresh feeling. The fabric of the clothes is very smooth. The neckline and cuffs are design of lace, and the layers are very strong.

The lower body is paired with a half -body skirt with the same fabric. The skirt is a pleated design. Everyone usually sees the design of short pleated skirts. It is rarely seen. In fact, the long style is also very beautiful and fashionable. With a clean temperament, the length of the skirt is very high.


If you are a sister with thicker calves and not straight legs, you can consider this type of pleated skirt style, which can be modified and thinner. With a pair of retro Mary Zhen’s small leather shoes, it feels more gentle and temperamental, and it is also very comfortable in color matching. Girls who like ladylike style and literary style will move quickly!

Author: ArticleManager