Provide students with “milk drinks” for students? Reporter survey: depict milk, non -drink

The students of Liyang No. 1 Middle School are not pure milk at school, but drinks? Recently, there is a local content of this content network post that has attracted attention: For parents who want to drink milk, if the child drinks milk drinks at school, it will be worried. The reporter went to the school for investigation. After verification, the school provided students to students’ “modulation milk” that meet the standards of drinking milk, not “milk drinks” passed by the Internet.

Samples left by the school

On September 13, a netizen in Liyang posted in the local forum that his children drank “milk drinks” at school, not “student drinking milk”. The banner of the plan was recommended by the Puyang Education Bureau, and the students voluntarily subscribed for milk, but “the fruitful fruit flavor milk drink was added to the students”, but the two posters did not provide the packaging pattern of “milk drinks” on the forum on the forum. Essence In the second post, a netizen of the forum posted two photos, saying “this is sent by my child’s school”. The picture shows that this is a 200ml of strawberry students drinking milk. The ingredients are indicated that the ingredients are raw milk, water, white sugar, food additives, and food fragrance.

On the afternoon of September 15th, the person in charge of the website involved in the primary school explained to Zi Niu journalist: “This kind of student milk is used to match school lunch, and no other money is required.” With fruits with lunch, this milk has only been drank once since school, and it is just to replace the taste and change the fruit for children. Judging from the retained samples provided by the school, the students who have been drinking before are also the preparation milk in the health of the health post issued by the net post, and the school provides the reporter for the red dates.

Relevant staff of Liyang Education Bureau stated that Wei Gang is the only settled milk project in Jiangsu Province. It is the “Chinese student drinking milk production enterprise” by the China Dairy Association’s approval and approval. After selecting Wei Gang, they are just packed in lunch, and no other milk booking fee is charged. “

So, is the “Milk Drink” and “Modification Milk”, does the modulation milk provided by the school meet the standards of relevant regulations?

It is understood that the ingredients of students drinking pure milk are raw milk; the first place for the ingredients of the prepared milk is raw milk, and the ingredients such as food additives are added. Sugar and flavors.

China Dairy Association’s standards for drinking milk

Among the quality standards of students’ drinking milk, the Chinese Dairy Association involved three types of milk, namely “raw milk”, “pure milk” and “modulation milk”. The standard of “modulating milk” in students’ drinking milk is checked. The information shows that the production standards of “sterilization and modulation milk” in students who drink milk in students are based on the “GB25191 Food Safety National Standard Modification Milk”. The physical and chemical indicators such as protein content have been provided, and the students involved in the health of the health post are used to prepare milk from the ingredient table. It belongs to a national student drinking milk promotion plan.


The Langyang Education Bureau responded to the question about the incident on the Internet: According to Article 3 of the “National” Student Drinking milk Plan “promotion management measures implemented from September 1, 2017, the modulation milk that meets a certain standard is in line with the” student drinking Conditions of milk plan. In addition, the bureau’s coordinated market regulatory bureau invited professional and technical personnel of milk to further analyze and judge. Yangtze Evening News /Zi Niu reporter Bi Junxing


Source: Zi Niu News

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