Song Huiqiao is also very beautiful to wear mature points. The tube top skirt with a black “mosquito net” is faded.

#What to wear today#



Sisters with pure little faces must be unwilling to always look like

Pure dress

, Such girls occasionally want to look sexy




Then you can put it on the original dressing and a little bit.

Feminine style

For example, you can choose a super delicate pink floral element and the sexy style of the black tulle to combine to form a dress style

Transitional transition period


At the same time, you can also choose a plaid British style and chiffon shirt to combine

Different experience.


So if you want to learn the conversion of pure style carefully, let’s first see how Song Huiqiao puts the skirt

Put more beautifully

Some of them.

Song Huiqiao dress with the charm of matching

Song Huiqiao wear

The mature point is also very beautiful

, The tube top skirt with the black “mosquito net”, the pure sense is faint, and the lower body also chooses the super -shaped black stockings.

Sexy temperament




The pure temperament is slowly weakening.

The intellectual skirt of black and white and ladies crushed

First of all, the color design of the skirt has

Multiple style.

The first is the most common black and white combination, but the combination of black and white is not the simplest regulatory distribution, but very

Random design

Therefore, the style of the skirt has

More variants.

At the same time on the basis of black and white

Flower design,

This design will make the too monotonous skirts full of supermarkets

Fashionable charm.

And on the basis of these color matching, the texture is stronger

Silk texture

The overall fusion skirt will look

Super character.

On the basis of the lady’s skirt, the sexy elements of tulle are also designed

And it also looks a little extra excessive in the super -designed tube top skirt.

Collar design

The tube top design is designed with a black thin layer of yarn

Sexy design.

In fact, the tube top skirt can be displayed well

A good figure.

But add it on this basis

Super sexy elements


Tulle design

But the conclusion can be obtained

Black tulle

The design looks more charming than the tube top skirt without any design

Women’s temperament.

And will also

Dull complexion

Give a good



Some of the more fashionable tips for dressing

You can choose tube tops for a feminine skirt

, But there are always some small elements that can make the tube top skirt look like


For example, it can make it with smooth silk material

Black and White

It is paired with a faint flowering floral


fashion design,

It looks messy but unknowingly exudes a more fashionable charm.

And can still be

Based on the tube top

Design some seemingly redundant but can better highlight the sexy figure

Design, such an extra design is indeed one

Not bad tips.

Song Huiqiao is wearing a tube top skirt with mature temperament, black base with black socks,

Curve bone skin slender

Essence The dressing skirt even highlights itself

Mature potential.

The design of the black tulle

Black sexy stockings

It’s really boldly highlighting myself


At the same time, it also added a lot of black and white and floral to match

Wonderful element

, It looks like the curve and bone of the figure

More obvious

Other more sexy fashion skirts wear

Intellectual chiffon material charm skirt

The design of the dress can be described as a super belt

Aesthetic effect

The slim style of the skirt is very good to show the bird -like bird

Mature age but possess

Girl -like figure,

And the shoulder design of the skirt will appear more at the same time as highlighting the sexy shoulder

Lady and intellectuality

Some, although the skirt is selected at the same time

Black and white

But the shape is


The shape of a thousand birds

So that the skirt looks different


And it ’s like this most exquisite thousand -bird -shaped clothing design really is really

The most classic match

There will be no outdated effect at all.

Fashion black skirt with sexy neckline design

First of all, the most obvious part of the skirt design is to highlight the sexy



This is mainly reflected in the oversized neckline

It is more exaggerated than the ordinary V -neck design, but the effect of exaggeration to the shoulder is not exaggerated, so that the skirt is well highlighted.

Super sexy general clavicle

And the style of the skirt is super highlighting

Body curve

Design of style.

For sisters who like this kind of dress, you can match a with a

Sequin design

The silver handbags will have more

Different charm

The color of the skirt is biased towards the most

Low -key color

And the ultra -light blue blue will highlight the may not be available


And the style of the skirt also looks like

Super pleasing

In some, first add super slender springs with springs with many loose skirts


Bulber design.


And the material of the skirt is super

High -end design

There are some flashing designs

High -level fabric

The color is low -key, but the sense of fashion does not exist.

Summary of dressing skills of skirts

You can first be smooth

Silk material

Add some occasional bright colors


, This seems to be super high -level and becomes also becoming


And in the pattern, you can also choose the most classic but fashion sense

Thousands of bird pattern design.

Or the combination of black and white and floral patterns to make black and white is super different.

Fashion effect.

So I want to wear the skirt to wear more

Lady -like temperament

Let’s learn some more than a lot together

Tips for learning






Sexy design.

Sexy design.

Black tulle



Intellectual chiffon material charm skirt

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