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On June 22, 2017, Innisfree Yue Shi Fengyin’s annual new volcanic colorful mud mask China listing conference was held in the art space full of color and joy -Shanghai World Expo Creative Show. On the night of the press conference, InnISFREE Yue Shi Feng Yin invited guests -the 7th Senses group in the popular girl group SNH48 came to the scene to witness more than 200 people from major media, beauty experts, veterans in the industry, and brand guests from all over the country witnessed. The grand release of the Innisfree volcanic colorful mud mask.

玩转#七彩泥膜术#  ——No.1自然主义品牌innisfree悦诗风吟

The theme of the launching conference of Innisfree Yue Poetry Wind Yin Mud Mask Mask is to play#本 本 本#, which aims to convey the infinitely magical mask experience brought by 7 colors and 7 effects. The press conference was made into a colorful carnival with a colorful theme, and the event site was divided into four major areas: “Find Colorful”, “Touch Color”, “Perceive Color”, “Passionate Color”, with colorful scenes, rich The product experience, fun interactive games, let the guests go to the colorful world, and play around#的 的 的#.


Under the leadership of Innisfree volcanic mud mask, the guests opened#在 在#在 在 在 在. First of all, the huge#首 首 首#wall, the pink, white, green, yellow, blue, purple, and black of the volcanic seven -color mud mask, attracting everyone to take a photo. Handheld#手 手#Carnival Passport, enter the inner field of the event through the colorful gates, officially “touch the colorful”,

玩转#七彩泥膜术#  ——No.1自然主义品牌innisfree悦诗风吟

Invited guests 7seenses


“Touch the colorful” is a space for guests to experience volcanic colorful mud mask. Here are all colors of volcanic color mud mask. Pink mud represents vitality, white mud represents tenderness, green mud represents Xinyan, yellow mud represents light, blue mud represents water, purple mud represents soothing, black mud represents net face. The detailed function subdivision makes daily skin care more targeted. For example, the T -area T -area part of the oil is used to clean the pores. The easy -to -dry cheeks use blue mud to hydrate and moisturize. The forehead and chin that is easy to get used to use white mud to condition the keratin to make the skin tender and smooth. Different skin problems use different masks to deal with. This is the colorful mud mask exclusive to your volcano! In the “Touching Colorful” experience area, guests have selected volcanic mud mask suitable for their skin to try. There are 3 different textures in the 7 masks. Water Gel CLAY’s light and fast -drying texture is easy to use and efficient. Even a busy morning can enjoy the beauty of the mask and go out. Reduce discomfort; transforming clay rocky mud turning cleansing foam texture, water will produce delicate foam, which is easy to rinse. The colorful mud mask is really beautiful and connotative.

Innisfree volcanic color mud mask show area


After experiencing the excellent skin care effect of the volcanic colorful mud mask, the guests came to the “perceive color” space. There are delicious seven -color ice cream here, a facial painting experience created by professional painters, and#在 在 在#space that can be filmed. Seven -color rooms represent the environment or context that we need to respond in 7 daily life, and it also indicates that under different environmental needs, different needs for skin care. The pink room represents “before dating”. We need to restore the skin’s vitality in a short period of time to cope with the sweet date with the best skin condition. To create a full -bodied white and tender skin is the best choice! And blue represents the urban environmental pressure and the need to adjust the balance of water and oil and purify the skin; in addition, there are black, yellow, green, purple, The illusion space creates different life scenes and different skin conditions, allowing guests to have a further understanding and experience of the different effects of volcanic color mud mask.

Colorful Ice Cream Area

Pleasant lotus

Over time, Yue Shi Fengyin Volcanic Seven Color Mud Mask China Listing Conference in China officially kicked off. The invited guests and girl group 7senses brought a vibrant opening dance. Subsequently, Mr. Filipp Cai, general manager of Yue Shiyin China, delivered a speech on behalf of the brand. In a relaxed and natural atmosphere, Mr. Cai shared with you the brand story, star product and future cosmetics trends of Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin. He believes that cosmetics have entered an era of private customization. Cosmetics must not only meet the constant changing skin care needs of the individual, but also have the needs of personality expression and social sharing.

Filipp Cai, general manager of Yue Shi Fengyin Chinese District

玩转#七彩泥膜术#  ——No.1自然主义品牌innisfree悦诗风吟

Next, Innisfree Yue Shi Fengyin China Marketing Director Ashley Shim shared with you the brand story and star product of Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin in a relaxed and natural atmosphere, and focused on the newly listed volcanic color mud mask. Ashley said that from the first generation of volcanic rock mud cleaning mask to the fourth -generation volcanic rock mud color mask in 2017, this series has been constantly conforming to the changes in skin care demand. Based on the efficacy of pores, this new product is injected into more functional ingredients, such as the water blue mud rich in sodium hyaluronate, the new Yan green mud containing the hydroxyl cedar, and the tender and smoothness containing sea salt. White mud, etc., create more diversified effects. The light and fast -drying texture also makes the mud film care, which becomes simpler and faster, and finally realize the real exclusive customized private mask care experience.

玩转#七彩泥膜术#  ——No.1自然主义品牌innisfree悦诗风吟

At the end of the press conference, the special guest 7 Senses came on stage again, bringing a cute and playful song, and also brought a colorful feeling. At the end of the song, the seven -color paper fell from the air, as gorgeous as a colorful rain in early summer. The press conference came to an end in this dreamy colorful rain, leaving the guests with infinite imagination and beautiful memories.

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