The latest quotation of bamboo mats for bamboo mats

In the hot summer, it is important to choose a comfortable seat for yourself. There are many materials on the market on the market, including straw mats, bamboo mats, bamboo fiber mats, and so on. I do n’t know which one is more interested in? Today we are going to introduce the bamboo mats, the choice method and the latest quotation of the bamboo mats that young and middle -aged people are.

Bamboo matte purchase method

竹席选购方法 竹席最新报价

1. Knowing bamboo: Mao Nanzhu, Yellow Ring Bamboo, and Water Bamboo can be compiled. The difference is that Mao Nanzhu is short, bamboo knots are convex, fiber thick; yellow pole bamboo is second; water and bamboo are the longest bamboo knots, and the fiber is the thinnest. Therefore, Mao Nan’s bamboo mats are stiff but not flexible; the texture of the yellow pole bamboo mat is also relatively rough. Only the water and bamboo seats are flat,

2. The bamboo is thin and loose, the texture is soft and tough, and the roll is not damaged.

竹席选购方法 竹席最新报价

3. Look at the requirements of the “head green” water bamboo mat: 篾 3, the yellow texture of the valley, no black cricket; 篾 fine, generally 12-16 skin is 3.3cm (1 inch), not too thick; 篾 篾; 篾Light, the scraping is good, the front is round, and the back of the lamb is the back of the carrier, but it is flat;

4. Selected editors: Select the water bamboo mat, see if the weaving is tight, well -proportioned, and exquisite; check whether the edges are neat and positive; whether the weight is suitable, the cold and width of a bed 1.3m foot is generally required to be more than 1.5kg, not too much, not too much light. The best bamboo mat is the water bamboo mats of Yiyang and Shucheng, Anhui. It is soft and tough, fine and soft, smooth and cool, beautiful and durable, folding and not bad, resistant to wear and wear, and can be used for decades. And the more “old age”, the color changes from green to tea, and it is getting cool and pleasant.

The latest offer of bamboo mats

竹席选购方法 竹席最新报价

Denmark Natural Bamboo Double-sided double-sided folding Xia Liangchang [X-ZX512] Emerald jade bamboo 1.2 meters 149 yuan

DLLMOOS Denmark Natural Bamboo Cooling, double-sided folding summer mats [X-ZX512] Classic bamboo charcoal seat 1.8 meters 209 yuan

New product small sheep home spinning old Maomao bamboo cool seat anti -mites antibacterial summer seat double table seat air -conditioning seat old Mao bamboo cool seat 169 yuan

Snonjiajia spinning bamboo mat, two -sided seats with foldable double seats 1.5m1.8m single dormitory bamboo mats 0.9 116 yuan

竹席选购方法 竹席最新报价

Learn how to buy bamboo mats, in addition to allowing us to spend less money, we can also have a more comfortable experience. We will introduce so much about the knowledge of bamboo mats and the latest quotation of bamboo mats today. If you have other things to know about the bamboo mats, you can follow our website, and we will continue to update for everyone.

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