Zhu Xudan appeared at the airport, and the asymmetric design of the wool collar leather coat has new ideas, and the single ponytail is so pure

A black round neck is paired with tight pencil pants with the same color system, and the leather clothes designed with a hairy collar style. Recently, Zhu Xudan looks at the airport, super sweet and cool! The disagreement design of the wool -collar leather jacket is even more new. At present, the design of the hair collar is both practical and stylish, not only to keep warm, but also has different feelings in terms of matching effects. It can be said that it has led a trend of new fashion. It also has a variety of matching methods in combination, which can not only highlight fashion, but also show gas.

Although the clothes designed by the hair collar are fashionable, it is significantly so earthy when you accidentally go wrong. But recently, Zhu Xudan’s body is very temperamental, and the high ponytail is also very pure and clean. The tight pencil pants are also very thin. Zhu Xudan’s street shooting pictures have always been a quiet and refreshing image of Wenwen. The breakthrough of this type can also be considered a bright feeling. In addition, although it is matched with All Black’s dress, this simple and clean atmosphere can’t stop it. Let’s take a look at the highlight of this match!


The black round neck sweater is a style that everyone is willing to choose in winter. Zhu Xudan chooses this material that is more inclined to a thin T -shirt, which is very visually very beautiful. The lower body is paired with a pair of black tight pencil pants. This style of pants generally requires very high requirements on the body, so in the match, everyone must choose a good style according to their figure.


Zhu Xudan’s coat chose a coat of hairy collar design. This irregular design is also the highlight of this set. Does it look like a little fox entangled on Zhu Xudan’s shoulder. Temperament. In addition, the design of the locomotive jacket will also give a cool and handsome feeling. When choosing pants, in addition to Zhu Xudan’s pencil pants when choosing pants, there are actually various choices.


To put it possible for practicality and aesthetics, and the best of the public is the leisure pants that are straight. Such pants will not show their legs, and it will undoubtedly give people a thin and straight visual impression. It is also very versatile. As far as this is concerned, it is best to match the high -waisted straight leisure pants, and the fabric version is more smooth and more vertical.

Looking at the cute dress of Zhu Xudan today, Xiaobian wants to recommend a few coats designed for you. This style of jacket is super suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. It can not only prevent cold and warmth, but also have a sense of fashion, which is visually sweet and pleasant. This kind of hair collar design has been popular for a while. It is a retro item. At first, it was very popular in the era of elders. Gradually, fashion began to turn to young people. This style of clothing can be said to be very practical, let’s follow the editor to take a look!

The first editor is to recommend a cooler hair collar jacket. This one is biased towards the jacket design, and the overall tone is also a black style. In fact, it is very handsome. Let’s talk about the details of the details. The wide jacket itself can cover the body shape and give people the feeling of bloated and without lines. This one adds the tightening design of the belt on the waist. Our good figure. In terms of matching, try to choose the tight -fitting inside of the knitted sweater as much as possible, which can not only reduce the bloated feeling. The design of the pencil pants, isn’t the locomotive handsome and the wind has come to face? With Martin boots, you are the brightest star in winter!


The second editor should recommend a full black anti -hair design coat. This is more distinctive than the green lining inside. The combination of black and green is more advanced. The belt design of this cuffs and hem can really be said to be a popular detail design in recent years. When you enter the mall, you can see that all kinds of cotton clothes have such design. Has unique. In terms of matching, there is no taboo for this clothing. It is very suitable with round neckwear or knitwear. Like Zhu Xudan, this one also try to choose tight pencil pants to wear!

The third editor is to recommend a hair collar coat with a gentle and warm lady. Unlike the first locomotive, this one has a sense of atmosphere. Very suitable for gentle you! The white tone design looks extremely clean and refreshing, with the hair edge design of the neckline and wrist, it is particularly gentle and stylish. In terms of matching, in order to have a stylish feeling, try to choose lace hollow and other styles in the inside. Friends who are afraid of cold can also be matched with deep V -neck plush fashion sweaters. Choose white inner choice of white will also have a unique visual experience! You can choose a long plush skirt for pants, so be sure to make a gentle temperament to the end!

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