How did Liu Bang have a lustrous Liu Bang forced his wife Lu Yan into a snake scorpion?

Lu Hou was originally named Lu Yan, a thousand gold of Lu Tai Gong. Lu Yan’s family realm is considered to be a wealthy well -off, especially after settling in Peixian, to the county magistrate, to the gentlemen, and they often have between the Lu family. Lu Yan was less than 20 years old at that time, and he should also be very outstanding. Otherwise, the county magistrate and the surrounding wealthy men would not come to the door repeatedly. However, Lu Taigong regarded Lu Yan as a treasure, and he had never allowed his marriage easily. Later, on the family banquet, Lu Tai Gong even had a middle -aged man who liked to speak big. He believed that this person was extraordinary. In the future, he must be rich and expensive, and he took the initiative to marry his daughter to him. This middle -aged man is Liu Bang.

Little and hard -working little daughter -in -law

Liu Bang was more than twenty years older than Lu Yan. At that time, he was just a small civil servant in Peixian. He not only loved drinking, but also very colorful. Moreover, he also had a non -marriage eldest son Liu Fei. From the perspective of choosing a spouse, Liu Bang is not excellent, but Taigong Lu is very satisfied. Let’s let Lu Yan’s mother cry and persuade, but do not change their minds.

Lu Yan did not fight against marriage, but obediently obeyed his father’s arrangement. After marriage, he gave Liu Bang a child and a daughter. He did not exclude and abuse Liu Fei who was born of his own. Even when Liu Bang accompanied Liu Bang in the countryside, a passing old man was thirsty and asked her to drink bowl water. She was also given good intentions, and even ate for the old man. The old man was very moved.


At this time, Lu Yan had both kindness and hard work. The family’s life was calm and stable. It seems that no one is born vicious, especially women.

Disted, suffering from suffering

In 209 BC, Liu Bang learned that Chen Sheng and Wu Guang came up with the Daze Township. The Qin Dynasty would die. The opportunity to achieve his own ambitions finally came.

Liu Bang’s anti -Qin was left alone. He left Lu Yan in his hometown and lived with his parents and children. Three years later, when he became the hero of the anti -Qin, when he captured Guanzhong, he did not think about Lu Yan and his family, but lingered in the wine of Xianyang. Later, when he confronted Xiang Yu and brought 560,000 to the city of Pengcheng, Liu Bang, Liu Bang did not expect to appease Lu Yan and his family. Instead, he captured Xiang Yu’s treasure and beauty and enjoyed it. It wasn’t until he defeated Xiang Yu in Pengcheng that he hurried back to Peixian two hundred miles away to pick up his wife, old father and children, but unfortunately, except for his son Liu Ying and his daughter Liu Le, all Lu Yan and the rest of their families were all being. Xiang Yu’s army took the hostage.

When Lu Yan saw Liu Bang again, when the two armies were opposed, Xiang Yu forced Liu Bang to surrender and threatened to kill Lu Yan. Liu Bang disapproved of it. Imagine that Lu Yan, who had been in prison, beaten, suffered, and endured for so many years for Liu Bang. He heard this when he heard this. Of course, Liu Bang said these words at the time may be a strategy to protect Lu’s life, but Lu Yan did not see that.

After the two armies of the two armies of Chu and Han, Lu Yan and Liu Bang’s relatives finally returned to the Han military camp. After many years of separation and departure, Lu Yan was no longer a young daughter -in -law who was docile and young. Seeing it, Yi Shu. “Lu Hou has old pearls and can no longer make Liu Bang’s heart. Her relationship with Liu Bang is also increasingly alienated. Need it.

Exclude aliens, cruelty

It ’s good to be old and yellow, or the form of marriage. These Lu Yan barely endured that after returning to the Hanying, she found that Liu Bang had a new favorite Mrs. Qi Qi, which made her very angry. This Mrs. Qi was accidentally met after Liu Bang’s banquet. She was not only young and beautiful, but also dancing the “sleeves” dancing, but also grew up with drums. She was very charming. The woman’s nature is jealous, and this Mrs. Qi is trying to fight in front of Liu Bang, so Lu Yan hates her very much.

Moreover, after Liu Bangping settled the world, Lu Yan was named the queen, and after Liu Ying was named the prince, this Mrs. Qi was even more intensified. Prince.

This is undoubtedly declared war from Lu Hou. Imagine that if Mrs. Qi succeeded, not only did Lu Hou and his son suffer for so many years, but they also lived in humiliation and scaredness in the second half of their lives. What’s even more bad is that Liu Ying was kind and weak, and Liu Bang was dissatisfied with him, but often praised Liu Ruyi to others: “Ruyi this child is like me.” This even made Lu Hou disturbed.

At this time, Lu Hou was already a strong woman who was “resolute” and a strong woman. She had just helped Liu Bang to destroy the heroes such as Han Xin, Peng Yue, Yingbu, and strengthened the power in the emperor. Of course, she would not be soft to the enemy like Mrs. Qi.

Although Mrs. Qi was favored in front of Liu Bang, she was just a dancer after all. She did not understand the strategy. The status in the hearts of the ministers was far less than that of Lu Hou. Therefore, although Liu Bang wanted to abolish the prince several times, he did not succeed. Later, Lu Hou invited four hidden experts to assist the prince with Zhang Liangzhi, and praised the prince and Lu Hou in Chaotang. These four masters were Liu Bang who had been invited by Liu Bang for many years. Now Liu Bang saw them auxiliary princes, and said to Mrs. Qi, “I also want to abolish the prince, but these four superiors assist. He, the wings of the prince have been abundant, it is difficult to shake. Lu Hou now really becomes your master. “Mrs. Qi started crying after hearing it. Liu Bang said,” So, I sing a song, you come to dance. ” So Liu Bang sang:

Hongye Gao Fei, thousands of miles in one fell swoop. Yu Pian has already been, and he is overbursing. Hengsuya, what is it. Although there is a paid, Shang An applied.

Meaning: Hongye is flying high, and its wings are thousands of miles. The wings have been abundant, crossing all over the world. Cross the four seas, helpless, although there are bows and arrows, what is the use?

This is to tell Mrs. Qi: You have failed, think about your back road, I can’t help you. The song, Liu Bang got up and left, leaving only Mrs. Qi crying alone. The prince was finally not abolished. This prince became the later Han Hui Emperor Liu Ying.

After Liu Bang’s death, Mrs. Qi was brutally retaliated. Lu Hou first imprisoned Mrs. Qi, and then designed to poison Liu Ruyi, and then sent someone to cut Mrs. Qi away her hands and feet, dug off her eyes, burned deaf ears, poured into dumb medicine, and thrown into the toilet, known as “human pig”. Later, let Liu Ying look at it. At first Liu Ying did not know what the meatballs that would move. After asking, she knew that it was Mrs. Qi. Liu Ying cried and said, “This is not a matter of people.” Go back I’m sick. Since then, Liu Ying has been having fun, ignoring the government.

The “human pig” creened in the toilet for three days and three nights before she died.

After that, Lu Hou successively poisoned and killed many children of Liu Bang, weakened Liu’s, expanded the Lu family’s power, and tried to completely swallow Liu Bang’s world. It can be imagined how much Lu Yan should hate Liu Bang as a wife.


In 180 BC, Lu Hou died. After her death, Lu Lu’s forces were annihilated, and her ambitions to replace Liu’s ambitions finally did not succeed.

Although Lu Hou died, there were many comments about her. For example, the Empress Dowager Lu is evaluated in this way:

At the time of the Emperor Xiaohui, Li Min had to leave the suffering of the Warring States Period. The punishment is rare, and the sinner is Greek. Public crops, clothing and clothing nourish.

This passage praised the success of the “recuperation” policy during the supplementary government. It stands to reason that such a “Mingzhu” should be passed on to hundreds of generations with a positive image. However, the people remember first, but it was her cruelty.

After the Han Dynasty unified, Lu Yan was the most powerful woman. Generally speaking, once a woman is linked to politics, the country must be chaotic, but Lu Hou can not only break through the court’s power disputes, and solicit power. During her administration, the door of the palace can make the world peaceful, the people are full of food, crimes, and crime can be crime. The rate is extremely low. Anyway, the life of Lu Hou’s legend is rare.

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