There are countless wearing in summer, and the printed shirt stood out

It is definitely a single item for boys, especially white shirts. It is easy to wear and practical. It is difficult to control, but only the boy with a white shirt is too boring! Fashionable and eye -catching print shirts?

Although the printing can easily have an eye -catching power, it will be soil if you don’t match it! So it can easily measure the clothes of boys! After all, everyone can wear white shirts, but the impact printing shirt is a big challenge. Come and see how the fashionable essence plays it.


T -shirt brings street models


This season’s super popular daily wear is to wear T -shirts in the shirt. Many stars and street shooters wear drips like this because it can easily increase the sense of layering. And the combination of two casual items can bring double fashion and street atmosphere. But note that because the shirt is enough, the T -shirt should try to choose the solid color system as much as possible, and the overall shape will not look messy.


“Bad Boys” will have long sleeves


Now the boy seems to like the bad clothes. Seeing that many street dance and rap programs are so hot now, you know why, so the way of playing with skateboarding and rap “Bad Boys” has begun to prevail, such as One of them has the simplest and best way to wear the upper body: long -sleeved print shirt long sleeves. Add a pocket or baseball cap to keep you walking and winding.



Take a finishing touch inward


There are still a lot of shy boys’ paper worried that the printed shirt is too much to wear outside. It doesn’t matter, you can take it inside. This seems to be a conservative solution, but it is actually very interested. At this time, the choice of jackets is very important. It is best to have a large contrast, such as the formal small suit or rebellious locomotive jacket. At this time, your whole body is a eye -catching highlight. Mixing and matching will make you look more interesting.


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