How to wear a printed dress that is not greasy in summer, this match is better, fashionable, fashionable and temperamental

Although the printed dress is very beautiful and can have a sense of fashion, you still need some matching methods to wear a different style. There are many forms of printed dresses, which can be a French rural style or a small fresh feeling. How can you choose to make yourself more different?

Wave dot dress

The elements of printing are different, and the style shows is different, such as the French -style wave dot print dress. The wave point element is one of the favorite of French women, showing the good temperament of a woman.

Especially the classic black and white color color wave dot elements, the design of the square collar with bubble sleeves, more retro is feminine, V -neck design and speaker sleeves wear women’s elegance and atmosphere. This is the French style. The representative of the printed dress.


Floral Dress


In the summer, even if the weather is very hot, it can’t stop women’s longing for retro and fashionable dresses. The most representative is a dress with a printed element. The selected printing size is different in the process of matching. The temperament is different.


For example, a dress with a large print will look more retro and charming, which can show the charm of mature women. The small printed dress has a retro and fresh feeling, especially the design of the square collar and split, which combines the two ways of exposed skin, which has the effect of bonus.

For girls with temperament, they prefer to wear a printed dress with a large print, which is very retro and elegant. There is a retro style of the 1980s and 1990s.

For more mature and elegant women, you can also choose a more loose version of the print dress, showing a retro atmosphere, which has a good modification effect on the figure, and does not make people feel tender.


The dress with black and white phase stitching, like Chinese ink painting, looks more advanced. The dress uses the simplest color to show a sense of fashion. This is true elegance.

In summer, if you want to create a representative fresh style, you might as well try a short print dress, which means that summer green is matched, it will be more refreshing, there is a lively feeling and femininity.


The short dress looks petite and pleasant. The overall styling style has both retro, and at the same time does not feel old -fashioned.

Literary Printing Dress


In summer, oil painting is particularly popular. Although it is colorful, it is very literary. Choosing the more popular green or yellow this year to match, giving a sense of fashion, at the same time, without retro, it is refreshing.

The green dress with cheongsam style is retro with a Chinese style. It looks gentle and gentle. For a dress that likes this type, it is suitable for more gentle women. Wearing a cheongsam print dress It is different.


Pink is a more representative color among women, with pink printing elements, which is very sweet and fresh. But it will not be too exaggerated, and the overall shape is suitable for the temperament of light mature women. It highlights a sense of age reduction, suitable for wearing during vacation, sweet and natural.

Summer is a season suitable for wearing skirts, and the printed dress is very beautiful. Especially with romantic wave dot skirts and small fresh floral dress skirts, this is a single product that fashionables must have in the summer, no matter how they wear it, they will not be greasy.

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