I have not regretted such decoration for three years, and friends who come to make a guest are more and more tasteful, but it is a bit messy.

The new house stayed in three years without knowing it, and our family did not regret this decoration. Friends are more and more flavorful when they come to make guests! The original wood elements carry the traditional elements. Under the precipitation of time, it is becoming more and more stable and more durable. The only shortcoming is that the space is small, and then there is not much storage space ~


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The gate comes in is a brief corridor porch ~ The hanger is installed on one side, and the door is removed to the hanging. On the other side is the embedded wall, which is just a wall of the kitchen, which can be used. The table and chair of rattan elements, I don’t know if everyone reminds everyone of childhood time.


The kitchen cabinets choose log color, simple and refreshing visual effects, no matter how long, the log color is naturally more and more durable. At the same time, it is extremely resistant ~

There are no extra decorations in the living room, dark brown solid wood flooring, and the TV background wall to create a mature and stable atmosphere, which looks very tasteful. It is in line with the first batch of post -80s aesthetic standards.


Although the balcony of the living room is crowded and there are many things, the shelf is used well, and the overall view is still seen.

The bathroom puts the sink outside as a mass who has started to “eat melon” very early. This design pattern is indeed very practical. The bathroom is also separated from wet and wet. Although I do n’t go to the toilet when I take a bath, I ca n’t dry the toilet every time I go to the toilet! So it is necessary to separate dry and wet separation.


Three bedrooms, the space area is not large. The bed and wardrobe occupy most of the area, and the rest are the only aisle area.

The small study room is used as a debris room, and there is too little storage space, so it is recommended that friends who are decorating, no matter how big your home is, you must design and plan the storage space. This thing is neatly cleaned and the whole house looks clean and beautiful Essence

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