These companies are strangely stipulated that they can’t bear it!

Today, let’s talk about the magic rules of those companies ~

Do most people have it?

Squat toilet to play mobile phones


habit? This is an efficient habit. Suppose it is for 10 minutes to squat every day. There are 40 hours of paid squatting time for a year.

Of course, in reality, if someone squats for half an hour, it really makes the people behind the people hurt, so a technology company in Changsha has regulations: employees are strictly forbidden to carry electronic products such as mobile phones to the toilet; The offenders must not enter the toilet within 24 hours, and post a notice at the door of the toilet. It is said that the time for everyone to go to the toilet is basically shortened … After taking my mobile phone to the toilet, just to put on the toilet?

A technology company in Fuzhou Software Park stipulates that all male employees are consistent


, To help the company’s development. It is said that the boss feels that the work of IT men consumes brain power and cut into a cool head, which helps IT men to improve their work efficiency and also seem to be vigorous. I have to sigh, it is a boss who is thinking about employees everywhere. Please ask if I will be fired when I leave bald heads? However, due to collective protests, it is stipulated that it has been retracted by the company in a few days.

Those real strange companies’ strange regulations

How many can you bear it?

▼ ▼▼


Toilet paper should be paid alone! Ten yuan a month! Do not fall in love, you cannot get married within two years, you have to leave one.

@Jenny Jiao

In summer, only fish -mouth shoes are allowed to be allowed. The toes cannot exceed 3 of the most abominable one. It is not allowed to chat with customers with QQ. You must call the company’s business. I want to sing for everyone to leave, saying that it is to soothe everyone’s heart. To change shoes, I said that I was afraid of staining the company’s carpet, I go! Intersection Intersection

@怪 蜀 蜀

Go out and ask customers to drink coffee, the company only reimburses the customer.


The strange regulations are to wipe the stool legs every day and do not let your feet step on. Every time the World Cup European Cup reaches the finals, we must gamble in the final. It is said that it is to play. Buy 100-500 and do not buy a salary deduction 100.

@I want to talk to this world

Wonderful small company. Organize a self -service shop once a month to eat a self -service shop. The most prizes are eaten … Where does the bonus come from? The smallest people who eat the bonus.

A cultural company has strictly provided the dress of employees. It is necessary to have a dark form of white shirts. What is even more terrible is that the management of the management must be higher than 10,000 yuan, as well as a special person to check the invoice. It is the best in the workplace.

The company’s WiFi can only be used by the department manager or above. There must be WeChat Weibo that must be paid to the boss. He reposted his content daily and the accounting for the quarterly assessment. There are articles he published in the company’s system. To be positive and salary, you must write about the post -reading feeling of these articles.

There is a program of the annual meeting. The boss asked the employees to bring their parents to watch the show, and then select some representatives to wash their feet for their parents or mother -in -law. On the stage of the hotel, the employees who came to power after washing the dishes must Talking about their own feelings, everyone crying and crying is not the kind of crying slightly, it is the kind of crying cry in hysteria, one after another, the scene …

After graduating, a friend went to a company selling the cemetery. The boss asked them to read the scriptures every day in the ancestral hall, inside, and other undead in the cemetery … Once lying in the ancestral hall for them to meditate, my girlfriend fell asleep.

If a friend does insurance, their company stipulates that the basic salary is not paid, and all depends on the commission; the task is not completed to squat push -ups, and be late to penalty stations; all office consumables are at their own expense; if they fall in love with colleagues, pay 20,000 deposits first … It is said that under the leadership of the boss, the company has developed from more than 80 people to 16 people now.

The strange regulations of other companies:

A company in Nanchang stipulates that it is forbidden to speak dialect at work, and more than 5 sentences are expelled.

An intermediary company in Shanghai stipulates that when you are late at work, you will be punished.

A media company stipulates that the fat man loses at least 10 pounds after joining the job.

A middle school in Ningxia stipulates that the female teacher can get pregnant after three years of work.

A company in Guangzhou stipulates that a male employee who prohibits the employment who is less than one year and the female employee who is less than 3 months will be found in a company to find objects.

So many wonderful regulations

“Uncle can bear it, you can’t bear it”

I hope you can see these problems

Can actively avoid and face correctly


At the same time, it is also called on the company’s rules to be more humane

In order to avoid falling into a strange laughing handle


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