After the spring, the “straight skirt” was hot, and all kinds of tops were casual and intellectual, especially suitable for women in the workplace

The general appearance of the straight skirt is like the letter H, and the length of the skirt is exactly the same. It has a good regulating effect on the width and curved legs that are prominent in women. If it is a lady with thigh muscles and calf muscles, you can use straight skirts to adjust the leg curve to achieve the effect of thinning outward.

And the straight skirt is very easy to match, no matter what the top can be controlled, especially combined with single products such as sweaters and sweater, there is also a casual intellectual style, especially suitable for women in the workplace.


1. Match with knitted sweater

The skirt has a small opening design that can expose the sense of leg lines, classic black and white plaids, with brown sweaters, simple and chIC.


Women with dull skin can use light -colored sweaters to brighten their skin tone, and the straight skirt is still mainly dim color to ensure slim figure. Who else can wear such a fashionable and advanced skirt?

For younger sisters with thick legs, exposed legs are really a challenge. It is best to choose this kind of over -the -knee straight skirt to match. When you go to a pair of boots, you can’t see any problems.

The combination of knitted sweater is so warm and coordinated, so it will be dazzling when wearing it in spring! I have to say that the stacking strategy is really popular this year.

In particular, this small tall sweater and cardigan are very fashionable and gentle. If it is coordinated with a straight skirt, it will be better, and it can also make up for the lack of thick legs, especially skinny legs.


Second, match coat

The characteristic of straight skirts is that the surface is smooth, the lines are flawless and straight, and the wrapped is capable like a coat. It can create a sharp feeling of the lines, make the legs more straight and slim, and give people a capable temperament. In any case, the straightforward form gives people full of vitality. When matched with a coat, try to surpass the length of the coat to extend the sense of layering, leaving a small piece of whiteness at the same time to make a sense of exquisiteness. The overall dress looks even more atmospheric. Essence


Third, match suit


Simple straight skirt and simple suit jacket, simple and beautiful. The combination of short and long models can be separated by 100%. The five -five -point figure lady is too three -dimensional to wear the upper body. Although it cannot be compared with the supermodel, at the standard of living, the body must be in the middle and upper levels.

To say the most worth buying jacket in early spring, the suit must be famous. The suit is used as the best fashion matching items, which is perfectly tailored and effectively regulates the upper body fat and expanded skeleton; it coordinated with the same perfect cut skirt.


Fourth, with a plush jacket

Everyone can improve recognition through rich jackets! As a winter modern darling that has risen in 2018, the luxurious plush coat, and the down -like exquisite appearance, although it does not give a charming feeling, the rich material guarantees the warmth of the coat. If you are a young lady with a thick leg, you can choose a perfect and ladylike straight skirt to match with rich coats. The shape is soft and exquisite, and the legs of the legs can be changed.


Fifth, match denim jacket

If you need a straight skirt to be comfortable and breathable, it is recommended to choose a thick and delicate texture. Among them, sweater texture is most suitable for fashion matching. The denim jacket is three -dimensional and fashionable, and the short length is more advanced. With a straight skirt, wrap the body in a huge area, and work hard to create a thin and elegant effect for you.

Six, match with sweater

How to wear a thin effect at the same time, it is strongly recommended to match the “sweater+straight skirt”. The adaptation of the sweater is free and extremely comprehensive. Whether it is a small belly or fat, it can help you cover all.


The sweater has the effects of exercise and age reduction. With a straight skirt, it does not cover all the figure, but also reduces the monotonicity of the straight skirt, injecting a trace of essence into the overall shape, no matter how old, you can try it!

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