What is the difference between “80 white duck down” and “90 white duck down”? How do down jackets wear fashionable models?

The down jackets are insulated, warm, and light. In winter, it is simply a life -saving artifact of the northern girl. When we choose a down jacket, we need not only refer to the styles and details of the down jacket, but also pay attention to a particularly important link. That is the charging volume, which affects the quality of the down jacket.

The most common down jackets on the market can be divided into 80 white duck down and 90 white duck down, so do you know what is the difference between 80 white duck down and 90 white duck down? In fact, the difference between 80 velvet and 90 velvet is mainly divided into three aspects. First of all, the warmth is different, and the second is that the lightness is different, and the price positioning is different. Let us understand it in detail.

The charging volume of 80 white duck down accounts for only 80 %, of which 20 % are the ingredients of feathers. The volume of the 90 white duck down reached 90 %, of which only 10 % were feathers. Therefore, if the same quality, the fluff content of the 80 white duck is lower than the 90 white duck down, and the natural keeping heating will be worse.


02. Different fluffyness


80 velvet and 90 velvet refers to the content of the down in a down jacket filling. Naturally, the higher the proportion of down, the stronger the fluffyness. The stronger the fluffy down jacket, the better the elasticity, and the lighter and warm to wear. Therefore, the fluffy down jacket with 80 velvet is not as good as 90 white duck down. Because the fluff content of 90 white duck down is better, it will naturally become more fluffy, light, and more elastic.

03. Different price positioning


Under the premise of the same quality, there is still a certain gap in the price positioning of 80 white duck down and 90 white duck down. In other words, at the same quality, the price of 80 white duck down is slightly cheaper, and the price of 90 velvet is slightly more expensive. Of course, the difference here is not particularly obvious, but if it is a down jacket with the same quality and brand, between 80 white duck down and 90 white duck down, you can also clearly see the price difference.

Expand the little knowledge: How do down jackets wear fashionable models?

Long down jacket, try to choose a thinner style. If it is too heavy, it will really give people a particularly bloated feeling. Such a thin and light down jacket, with cropped pants is particularly refreshing. Of course, the north may not be enough for winter, but for the southern girls, it still takes into account the grace and temperature. This simple and very refreshing and capable dress, with a pair of black short boots, has an extra personality atmosphere.


If you want to wear more refined goddess Fan, then Xiaoxiangfeng’s down jacket jacket is worth trying. The exquisite and simple style, the workmanship is particularly delicate. With the design of diamond elements, there was no bloated feeling at all. You can combine tight skirts, or you can combine slim sweaters with tight skirts. In fact, the combination of jeans is also very refreshing and fashionable.


The down jacket with sports style is actually relatively rare. This group of dresses, especially suitable for tall girls, will have a very refreshing and lively atmosphere. Such vertical elements are embellished with the lamb hair design that has been over, and the temperament of the whole person becomes handsome. Combine loose bouquet sports pants, with short boots or sneakers. In fact, with a pair of Martin boots, it will be more handsome.

The bright down jacket will have a stronger design sense, and it is also a more fashionable and versatile style. This long down jacket is particularly shining on the body, so it can be as simple as possible in the inside to highlight the more peaceful and atmospheric beauty.

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