Let your mother quickly wipe the apron of hands, save the paper, a net, do not leave water stains, oil stains!

The apron earliest appeared in the 15th century

Master who serves wine and the savory

Prevent stains from splashing to clothing

When I was a child, I went home.

The most happy is to see my mother’s apron

Because this indicates that there is a good time.

As long as you are also doing yourself

I always think of my mother’s back in my mind.

Ordinary traditional apron, no waterproof and antifouling

If you can’t have a variety of dirty stains


Yellow, black, mold, stink

After washing, shrink, start the ball, wrinkles

It turned a piece of rag completely

With cooking, it is a torture

Average two months to change a apron

A group of research data from Massachusetts University of Technology

Daily home apron

The bacterial content is as high as 25,000 / cm2

It is dirty than the toilet in your home!

The most common mold is a mangamycin (carcinogen)

For relatively poor resistance

Old people and children are still coming

Bacteria on the apron is enough to cause

Dysentery, intestinal infection, carcinogenic



Wear such apron, do you dare to give your family?

Today, I will recommend a

High color value, waterproof, anti-fouling, breathary



Side, there is a pocket in the middle


It is more than a few times more than the ordinary apple!

It is recommended that it also belongs to the opportunity:

I used to finish my meal, call home.

Mom often waits for a long time to pick up, or no one picks up

Said to be cooking, the hand is very oil, wash it, and dry it.

Or don’t have a mobile phone, I haven’t heard it.

Parents are our greatest concerns!


A phone is missing, I am afraid!


So I want to have anything when I want to cook.

Make mom

Quickly wipe your hand, pick up the phone

This only found this easy to use apron!

Fabric surface is coated


Waterproof coating

Even if it is pouring a glass of water

Will not penetrate into it

Super waterproof


250T super high density Oxford cloth

Add 40D thickness

Let the fabric waterproof function

Just like the lotus leaf is completely non-touch

Many merchants in order to save costs

Will use

Industrial dye

These inferior aprons are not only

Taste big


It is more likely to contain some hazardous substances

This apron uses

Oxford cloth with coral velvet



Natural dyed material

Refused chemical elements such as industrial bleach, will not fade

I like to swim in the inside of the water-quality goldfish.

There is water or oil on the hand on the way.


Need to answer the phone midway

Two side coral velvet water towels

Just wipe, instantly

Especially in your hand

End a cup, the plate is easy to slip

There are two large coral velvet towels on both sides.

Save paper, clean, no water stains, oil stains

Quality life is so simple

Add a coral velvet water towel on both sides

High-grade fast dry hats on the market

All use this material


Water absorption is 50 times the corduroy, 10 times the velvet 100 times

Water absorption

A coral row can absorb 1 catties water

And without spillage, unparalleled

It is also designed in the middle.


Wide mouth big pocket


Can put

Mobile phone, glasses, etc.

small item

Take your own items, convenient life

Women are busy in the kitchen every day, can be elegant, cute, as long as you have a suitable apron.

– Grace-

Apron and orange belt

Skilled and not dull and dead


While maintaining the traditional characteristics

The appearance and packaging of the product have also been created.

– cute –

Production of raw materials


Waterproof and cute

In modern life


Win the attention and survival in this way


– Simple and practical

Side bag of each scarf

Have different patterns

Plus a special simple design and beam strap of apron

These small details are really reflected!


After more than 20 years of tracking research, the scholars of Harvard University has been concluded that children with children who love do housework are 1:15 compared to children who don’t love their housework, the crime rate It is 1:10; the divorce rate is also significantly different from the prevalence of psychology. The seemingly unpopular housework is actually related to the future employment and happiness.

Parents who complain about housework, may cultivate children who love to do housework. Maybe, a good-looking apron will make you stay in the kitchen more time every day.

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