Just a super long coat will make you burst!Gigi, Gao Yuanyuan, Cui Xiuying’s strength demonstration, if you want to keep warm and fashionable walking, you must wear it like this

After a winter, I finally wrote to be written by female stars from last year to this year’s super long coat.As the “top student” in the coat, the super long coat is both warm and fashionable. When we wear the legs to block the cold wind blowing, walk with special effects, and to improve the gas field weapon in the winter.miss.


Ultra -long coats are roughly divided into “over -the -knee”, “and ankle” and “mop”.Marling money.But, this kind of driving is difficult, the practicality is not high, and the body and temperament are more discerning, resulting in many Habi Star people can only look at it.Today, the poster editor put these models together, while watching how the stars interpret it, while the “matching rules” of GET super long coats!

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