How to design beautiful cross stitch? It is by no means simply rude to use and copy and paste

When it comes to the name Jody Rice, many people will feel strange.

However, many people above the embroidery picture will feel like they have met.


The editor has reprinted her many designs. Make many fans refreshing.

The designers of these excellent works are Jody Rice

One of the best cross -stitch original designers in the world.


As a simple embroidery technology, cross stitch,

A few -year -old children can learn easily,

But it is not easy to win tens of millions of fans from all over the world.

Her work is full of fresh and fantasy atmosphere,


Each new work series can give people a refreshing feeling.

Really cut into life, practice the basic skills of design, and the innocence and love you have.


These three are the magic weapon of its fascinating work.


So, how did an excellent cross -stitching work born?

Jody Rice also gave us the answer.

Roughly divided into four steps:


First design the first draft.

Display the manuscript on the drawing drawings.

Enter the manuscript into the computer, and consider the color of each grid.

After the color scheme is determined, it is personally embroidered by the producer to embroidered the sample.


Consider adjustment,

Until the last work was born.

Simple four steps,

In fact, it is the collision of countless ideas and details in the mind.

It’s not just a simple copy and paste.

Why do some cross -stitch look dynamic, and they can’t enjoy the beauty of beauty with complexity.

Jody Rice gave us a good answer.


Finally, some of her works are attached for everyone to appreciate.


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Picture copyright belongs to Jody Rice.

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