How to install a round ceiling lamp

The common ceiling lamps of the family are mainly squares. In fact, there are ball -sucking lights, flat -flat rounded ceiling lamps, hemisporans ceiling lights, half -flat balls, etc. Generally speaking, lamp seats are installed first and lampshade. The following home improvement master Xiu Da has a specific graphic to help everyone install and use better.

1. Prepare tools for installing ceiling lights: screws, insulation tape, and beautiful workers. If there is an old ceiling light, first remove the old ceiling light.

2. Discount the power supply of the whole house and check the wires reserved on the ceiling

3. Do not press the wire lock and the ceiling of the ceiling lamp.

4. Check whether the screw is fixed.

5. Connect the reserved wire with the wires of the ceiling light itself, and after wound with the insulating tape to be wrapped intact and confirm that it is fixed.

6. Determine the connection between the two wires, the insulation tape covers, and then test whether there is a leakage at the intervision.

7. Installation of the top lamp base, the grave chassis is covered with the connected wires, and then the base is fixed with its screws. It is also different because of the different lamp seats, but it is roughly the same way.

8. Determine the base is stable.

9. Put a suitable light bulb to pay attention to its suitable color and brightness.


10. Careful installation of the glass lampshade on the ceiling lamp holder to determine that the entire lampshade is fixed and then let go.

11. Pay attention to the pressure balance of the four sides of the lampshade.


12. Open the power supply and test the brightness of the bulb to ensure that all the connectors can be leaked.

Shunda warm reminder: No matter what type of ceiling lamp, in fact, the installation steps are similar, mainly three parts: lamp rack, lamp holder, and lampshade. If you do n’t know much about the circuit knowledge, you can publish tasks on a trustworthy platform. For example, release tasks on the Xiu Dada platform, place one -click order, professional master, arrive immediately! To learn more about the installation method of lamps, please pay attention to the home after -sales service repair platform. The above content is for reference only and does not represent the opinions of this platform.

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