The 65 -year -old Zhao Yazhi is unabated. Wearing a long coat with velvet boots, not only age reduction, but also very foreign

With age, women’s face will decline. Even the past Tianxian posture will become vicissitudes. Of course, getting older is a normal state, and the most important thing is that we should maintain a heartless heart. Good at finding your beauty and finding a style that suits you in the wear. In this way, even if the year is getting longer, it can still maintain such beauty. Just like Zhao Yazhi, a 65 -year -old, is a typical non -old goddess. Wearing it, it has long formed its own taste and style.

Zhao Yazhi, 65 years old, has no decrease in charm. Wearing long coats with velvet boots, not only age reduction, but also very foreign. Zhao Yazhi was well deserved to be named the name of the old goddess. At that time, Bai Suzhen was so beautiful. Now that the years have passed, it is still quiet and soft. Holding hands with her husband to take the airport, it is even more loving. Zhao Yazhi’s dress is also more fashionable and elegant. At this age, there will be no more sexy pursuit. On the contrary, a more comfortable and generous dress is more suitable for her style.

Some older women will always be more cautious in the wear of clothing. I was afraid that she was suspected of being tender when she was not careful. Just like Zhao Yazhi’s group of wear, it is very consistent with her age identity. The slender jacket, the particularly neat version, dotted the white printing element, does not look so fancy, but has more delicate and three -dimensional fashion. This denim blue purple is neither too dull nor too publicized, but also the right choice.


Some middle -aged and elderly clothing styles are easy to step on the mine, just because they are more oriented to two extremes. One is the tenderness, and the other is the old. Some people feel that they need to be more beautiful to embellishment to highlight the fashionable fashion. So you will choose some colors of flowers, so that it will look extra rustic, not a real beauty. Some people will choose some colors that are too rigid, and blindly pursue the long -term weight, so that they will make them look more vicissitudes and have a particularly strong sense of time.

Zhao Yazhi’s denim blue jacket is not only in the version of the clothing but also the color system. The version of the micro -straight tube is not so picky about the shape. Even if it is worn in the autumn and winter season, it will not look so bloated, but there will be a more trendy style. This five -point sleeve style is more appropriate to wear in some warm southern regions, but it is estimated that it is not enough to protect the cold in the north. You can choose different sleeve lengths according to your needs.

The matching of clothing is also a tips. This blue printed jacket chose a long version, a more slim -fitting straight shape, with a delicate small collar shape, it is also very neat and fashionable to wear. With a pair of dark blue jeans, it is particularly elegant and generous. It is worth noting that Zhao Yazhi’s shoes choose. A pair of high -heeled short boots, combined with velvet fabrics, look more elegant and fashionable to wear. The relatively thick square shape is also easy to control for her age. Some women who can’t control the high heels in daily life can try this style of shoes.

The embellishment of each small detail will affect the style of the overall style. Like a denim color jacket like Zhao Yazhi, with a small backpack on the shoulder. Black backpacks, more classic and fashionable, naughty patterns, are also very age -reducing. Wearing a round sunglasses, it is particularly naughty. Even the earrings are fashionable and age -reducing styles. Such Zhao Yazhi is more naughty and age -reducing, the overall shape is more fashionable, and it is also a very foreign style.

Although daily dressing is more casual, the shape on the stage is still relatively generous. The stage style will focus more on personal temperament. Zhao Yazhi is thin and more suitable for some slim skirts. Incorporating a thicker fabric is also full of texture. The waist is embellished with black wide waist seal, which outlines the slender waist ratio, which is so bright and touching. Some cloak -like sleeves are also very fashionable and domineering.


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