Size selection needs to be cautious: Polo Ralph Lauren’s official website Haitao men’s shirt

The so -called into the sea is deep like the sea, especially the decaying capitalist society in the United States, which has corroded a patriotic heart. Since May 2014, I have purchased dresses, TUMI briefcases, health products on Meiya, bought underwear on the official website of Victoria’s Secrets, bought shirts on the official website of POLO RALPH LAUREN, and so on. I am not very satisfied with the last time POLO’s purchase results, because the shirts bought for my husband were all bought, and they were completely unfjuitable. However, as the husband’s body is getting more standard (perhaps one day he has time to dedicate an experience of weight loss), the previous shirts have become “monks uniforms”, so we went around in major shopping malls and found that domestic prices in China It is really difficult to accept, and the price of a shirt of an ordinary domestic brand is thousands of. In the spirit of Xianhui’s family, I decided to challenge the abnormal size of POLO again. I must find the right shirt for my husband’s sea. I firmly believe: Only when you really pay for your husband can he be in the mind

尺码选择需谨慎:Polo Ralph Lauren官网海淘 男款衬衫

This time, I mainly communicate with you the size of the POLO RALPH LAUREN official website.

Take a look at the size map of the P family:

Her husband is 178cm tall, weighs 78kg, bust 88cm (the majority of female value friends: If you are similar to your husband, it is purely coincidental

尺码选择需谨慎:Polo Ralph Lauren官网海淘 男款衬衫

), I have to choose the L size at the official website size, so I bought the L No. L for the last time I found that it was impossible to find out at all. This time I tangled for a long time. Both the shirt and the sweater chose the M number, and I couldn’t wait to let my husband try it when I got the sea. It can be said that it was 95%successful. I personally think that the shirt is still more fat, and there are still some margin on the chest, but the sleeve length and shoulders are just right. The size of the sweater is just right. The husband’s skeleton is relatively long and long. If you are small, you can buy the S number S.

尺码选择需谨慎:Polo Ralph Lauren官网海淘 男款衬衫

The texture of the two shirts is still good. The stripes are a typical P family casual shirt style. The texture is smooth and has a certain luster, but it is not very hot. It is best not to match the business western service. Oxford shirts have a certain thickness, and the bottom of the autumn and winter does not seem to be violated and has a seasonal sense. The color is closer to the second picture. Wool sweater is the texture of Merrobe. Although it is not as tall as the Cassi Mimi of the P family, it feels more soft and comfortable than the ordinary goat sweater. The key is that the price is so cute.

Next, everything without a real beast is a hooligan, take photos!

尺码选择需谨慎:Polo Ralph Lauren官网海淘 男款衬衫

Oxford shirt

Striped shirt

尺码选择需谨慎:Polo Ralph Lauren官网海淘 男款衬衫

Woolen sweater

尺码选择需谨慎:Polo Ralph Lauren官网海淘 男款衬衫

The activity this time was to reduce 25 knives on the official website over 125 knives. In order to make a single order, I also bought a cute baby conjoined pajamas. The red and green lattice is a festive festive.

This color should be controlled by men and women. Since the little guy is still in the stomach, the real treasure beast cannot provide it. Everyone forgive me!

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