No more than many clothes in spring clothes, light cooked women have these 6 basic paragraphs, easy to create a taste

You really don’t say, I’ve been able to look at the difference in the wearing and temperament, I can really see the difference! Because women have a certain age, they will deposit a unique temperament, calm calm, no longer personality!

Want to create a good temperament and taste, wear to take the way to fall and elegance, the coat is more like a female dress facade, which greatly determines your clothes, so choose it for yourself and The jacket is very important!

The coat is different from the bottom shirt or knitwood, and the minimalist low-key is a bit! The outer casing is selected, and the good temperament should be created, but also create a variety of fashion styles through different mix! Spring clothes coat don’t have to be more, and the young women have these 6 basic paragraphs, easy to create a taste –

Middle long casual jacket

For women in a light-cooked stage, dressing is not suitable for too much fancy complicated, so that you will not make you look young, but you will make you look very cheap, simple basic items are more Temperament!


The short child is best not to choose too long jacket, otherwise it seems to be short from the visual look! Still choose a long period! Khaki coat with white high-waist bread, with a colored belt, shorter girls can wear a lot from visual, and can improve your gas field ~

Long shirt jacket


Although the shirt is a single product that does not divide age, it is more suitable for women’s choices in the light-cooked stage.


For generous women, long shirts best choose a fresh and simple style, better-top. Directly through an Oversize shallow card, fresh temperament, and wear a lazy comfort, wearing the upper body, simple and temperament. Merous women are particularly suitable for this shirt of this streamed snow-textured land. The upper body is gentle and integrated. Khaki can wear gentle and elegant feelings, and then match a white pants, with sports shoes, elegant and energetic.

Knit cardigan

3 How to wear a temperament? Choosing a knitted single item will make you look more symptomatic temperament, and dressing with the skirt.

Sweater, spring wear is very practical, wearing a convenient and superior, creating a gentleness, also is very eye-catching, mixing and matching trousers is easier to achieve quality wear.


Long windbreaker

The windbreaker is an important single product that demonstrates the gas field. One piece, don’t mention more atmosphere, self-contained gas field, and spring travel a windbreaker will make you more fashionable! The big suitcase, the atmosphere, highlights the big gas field, the decoration of the waist straps, the belt is an elegant woman, and it is also a trendy street LOOK!



As a light cooked woman, there will be some of the classic wear suit jackets in the closet, even if you are not a workplace. Wearing a suit will make you look more temperament, but it also pays attention to that light cooked women chooses a suit jacket as much as possible to select freshly bright colors, which is not easy to wear.




Once the woman has entered 30 years old, it officially entered the mush to have a small female stage. The woman in this age is actually in a more embarrassing age. If you dress, you will be too naive, it will be tender, too mature and will appear. Old gas.

Light rice ramie fabrics, there is a kind of elegant feeling, pure cotton cloth makes the dress will not be obvious, and the walk is in the wind. Simple and generous style, smooth cover version, three-dimensional tailor, casual wear slim, beautiful, embellished, simple but not monotonous, wrapped in the wonderful body exudes the ultimate woman.

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