The upper body of the long half skirt should be matched like this, not showing short legs and elegant, age -reducing effect is better than short skirts

Summer is right in the season when wearing skirts. Women who like to wear skirts can’t help but take out the newly bought skirt in the summer. Unfortunately, skirts that are popular in each time period


different. Sometimes it is


More popular, sometimes short models are more popular, not to mention

Various different ways of matching

It is even more dazzling. Long


Upper body


Match, not show short legs and elegant,

Age reduction is better than short skirts.

This summer is so popular

Long skirt,

Looking at the legs and mature legs, elegant and age -reducing and self -confidence, long skirts are actually very good at any time


That is, too low -key and mature tempera


Choose this

Matching style and method

, Make everyone more when wearing long skirts



It shows beauty.

Different combinations of black long skirts

Is there many people classify black skirts in a more advanced style? In fact, everyone can find out that the texture reflected in the black skirts of different fabrics is still very different.

Elegant atmosphere, maturity, noble sense

It’s particularly obvious.

Many people also wear this when they go to work

Texture skirt

Son, then when you match, you must first pay attention to make the style of wear more


Do not let the black skirt look old, the second thing to make the black skirt look more



For example, paired with white suit and V -neck clothing inside,


Make your neck longer and more sexy

Essence Or simply wear a tight suit, not to match it, it is special


another kind

Texture black skirt

, The gas field and the high -level texture are completely different, for example, choose to choose


The black skirt of the materials is suitable for wearing in summer, looking young and gentle.

Middle -aged people wear them

Age -reducing effect

To be more prominent, then you can choose when you match

Casual suit

Put, color striped clothes, solid colorful sweater, and so on. Remember to choose in these casual clothing

More stable

shape. Add some mature elements to cooperate

Black gauze skirt

Later, it will not become naive, so that middle -aged people can easily accept it.

Analysis of the dress of the gauze skirt

Apart from

Black gauze skirt

More unique, other colors

Gauze skirt

They are even more girlish. Especially light blue, white, light gray are quite


of. The stable and stylish color of the haze blue looks more foggy after making a gauze skirt. So even more


It is more fresh.


Some old clothes

It is not old -fashioned, but the skirt of this fabric is more suitable to match the clothes with suits and small incense. The lines of the upper body clothes are relatively obvious.

Sense of contrast

Make a lot of prominent. The color of the haze blue has a stable temperament, with


The suit is very suitable.

When choosing a gauze skirt, there are several colors that are not recommended for everyone to wear. Even in the summer with a large degree of acceptance, it may not be able to accept such a pink color, like yellowish yellow, tender pink is a bit overwhelming. However, everyone can accept the more elegant colors, like a white gauze skirt.

Remember not to choose too many levels, a little naive, it is fashionable to add a layer of lining in the gauze skirt. The white sense of white is better, and the gauze skirt looks mature. Small leisure is unable to affect the high -level sense of clothing.

Pay attention when wearing long skirts

Waist effect


It ’s okay to match the costumes of suits and small incense. The gas field is more capable and will not be fat.

Leisure wind top

You can match it

Belt or short clothing.

Colored skirt

The color of colorful long skirts and color short skirts are particularly different, because there are many fabrics of long skirts, which will show the characteristics of color. Red

Skirt style

It’s even more obvious.

The red long skirt is not only more difficult to match than the red short skirt, but also the temperament is more public. The simplest matching black clothing has become particularly cool. So with it

White, beige

The clothing is more gentle, and you can also challenge the light pink clothes. The warm color clothing is fused.

There is a more gentle feeling.


Not as public as the red, it is better than



More retro. Even the difficulty of long skirts is much simpler. Choose yellow contrast color blue


It’s good, even more


The feeling is magnified too


The color matching color does not recommend dark blue and high -saturation color matching. still

Light blue, light green

This color is more textured and more


Essence and


The skirt is compared with matching, it looks very



Faint color,

Even the colored one is very


Essence picture

Honorable purple

If it is dark purple and then with a long skirt, it will definitely look old, replace it with


It was a lot gentle, and it was slightly elegant.

This elegant feeling can be matched

Higher -level fabric

, Increase the texture of the skirt and



a feeling of. The elegant effect reflected will be more obvious


out. The upper body is equipped with a more elegant shirt, or retro clothing, which reflects it


There are a lot of high level.

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