Do you have a scarf?

Although the costumes of national style have always been active in the fashion circle, they rarely become popular in a certain season. Both men’s clothing and women are using different ways to interpret the national style, and the popular elements that can most highlight the national style need Different colors and patterns can interpret different degrees of depression, and these national style clothing also adds a little cultural depth to the temperament.

Although many clothing has a very strong ethnic style, it can not investigate which ethnic costumes are, because many national style clothing talks about style fusion. For example, this series is a bit like a Thai pattern, and it is a bit like the Chinese Miao style style. But the important thing is that the style and the pattern complement each other, and the matching is just right.

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Cashmere scarf


The footsteps of deep winter are gradually getting, and the temperature is getting colder and colder. When the girls go out, there must be a thick and warm scarf? Some shawls only need to be embellished at the arms of the arm. The drooping degree must be natural, and the elegant style flows naturally. Some shawls can be worn on the body, similar to a cloak, and the buckle visually has the shoulder effect, which enriches the overall styling, and the pride and nobleness is revealed.

Boiled wool scarf


The cashmere woolen shawl feels thick and warm, versatile and practical, casual, naturally drooping, flashes an elegant and touching temperament. The combination of Chinese and Western combination and the style of taste is also a preference for the college to send lady ladies. A colorful shawl will become an extension of your costume style, adding a lot of points to your overall image.

Danaxu national wind shawl long scarf

The exquisite three -dimensional outline, the stylish and exquisite flower printing design, makes your charm so emit! Trendy fashion, thick and soft fabric, outline and three -dimensional feel are super strong, and they will recessed the stylish shape at will! The large shawl made of heavy work makes you handsome! Soft and comfortable fabrics make your skin enjoy comfort!

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Real silk shawl


The silk shawl is soft and smooth, with elegant feel, and a strong breathing feeling, and the tassel design makes the shawl has a rhythmic effect. Visually and elegant, you can set off your nobleness. Silk scarfs are often decorated with women’s charm, and at the same time used to keep warm. The unique style is enough to make you a flowing landscape, which is very picturesque.

Gem butterfly scarf


The silk shawl belongs to the print style, and its color is more gorgeous and rich. If it is going out to play, it is definitely the first choice. The cheongsam photos are definitely very eye -catching! The shawl is suitable for the interior with a dress, which plays a role in decorative embellishment, allowing you to renew on every occasion.

Real silk embroidery scarf

At first glance, it looks like Chinese costumes. Looking at the national style of Southeast Asia, the pattern full of embroidery is very classic. Mainly, it looks very dignified and elegant, and it is easier to match clothes.

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Cotton scarf

The cotton blended shawl is better, comfortable and breathable, combined with the tacit understanding of the cheongsam, flashing a beautiful and moving ancient charm. It can be wrapped or hugged. It is a symbol of taste, a condensation of a sense of fashion. With a cheongsam, with a special ethnic wind shawl, it can be said that it is a high -end matching classic and a stylish style of taste.


Indian Nepalese national style wool scarf


The exquisite totem double -sided three -dimensional printing, accompanied by a four -corner positioning, has become a perfect scarf of the literary and ethnic tribal style. The tassel on the scarf is hand -sewed one by one, which is super hand. The exquisite national style has a strong exotic style. The large specifications can be used not only as a scarf, but also used as shawls or small blankets.

Nepal Indian wool shawl scarf


The literary style is a bit classic and soft, warm and comfortable wool fabric, whether it is a shawl or a scarf, it is quite warm and enjoy! The domineering embroidery print, with the tone of the pale color series, is definitely designed with the heart! Put on your domineering exposure! The fine workmanship makes the graceful figure highlight.


Ethnic style is a kind of fashion and a popular. Therefore, it should be appropriate to echo the clothing that should be suitable for the suitable makeup in national style costumes. Do not have a face at this time, advocate natural beauty. In that case, if you wear ethnic style clothing to the streets, not only can not achieve the eye -catching effect, but it makes people think that it is difficult to control the national style. The temperament is one aspect and the makeup is also necessary.

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