Which is the best in Zhengzhou costume wedding dress photography?

The output rate is super high in Zhengzhou’s first collection of wedding photos. ️ ️

Everyone has a Tibetan dream in my heart

If you can’t go in the distance, you can take a group of Tibetan wedding photos

Put on Tibetan clothes and feel Tibetan style

Go back and forth from life

Garden Road China Trade 360 ​​Plaza Big LED screen under the 16th floor of Block A Block A


Movie feeling wedding photo

Let you become a stunning circle of friends ~



Wedding photos with a sense of story are more attractive

To create a sense of story

Select warm light retro filter

Make the whole picture of the documentary and amazing

Monthly coexist in romance

Romantic and comfortable

The lens always easily captures the sense of atmosphere of the movie

Romantic documentary movie feel wedding photos are waiting for you to take

Retro movie color

There are traces of years

Fascinating retro film feel atmosphere

Soft filter

Every shot of the two is full of love

The whole atmosphere is filled with the sweetness of love

When I hug, I have a hearty look at a glance for 10,000 years

Film style shooting method

Mainly record the emotions of the character

Refuse the previous part

Make high -level breath and documentary perfectly

More than Chinese beauty than wedding photos, more national clothing

The characteristics of clothing add a different taste to the wedding dress


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