Deductive! After eating this for two years, small white points in the stomach! Many people eat “food” …

Deductive! After eating this for two years, small white points in the stomach! Many people eat “food” …

Today (April 9) is the International Gastrointestinal Day. Irregular diet, unhygienic food, overeating, and eating heavy taste … These bad habits are likely to cause stomach diseases, and severe ones can even cause gastric cancer.

According to reports, the 21 -year -old Guangxi girl Xiaoli usually eats some products with beauty and weight loss, and often eat multiple health products together. It has never stopped for more than 2 years.

Later, due to stomach discomfort, when you were in the hospital, when you were doing gastroscopy, the stomach scene on the display scared all medical staff present.

Careful left slip! Xiaobai is a gastric ulcer


“Small white dots are covered with the entire stomach, as many as dozens of.” Zheng Qingchun, director of digestive endoscopy at Fuyuan Hospital, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, said that these small white dots are all gastric ulcers. After such severe gastric ulcers.

Healthcare Functional Drinks -Frequent Drink and Addicted

“Your energy is beyond your imagination!”, “Refreshing anti -fatigue”, you must be familiar with these advertisements. But in fact, it is not the so -called “sports functional drink”, but “health function drinks”. Most of their batch numbers are “healthy characters”, which belongs to the category of health products.

These “health -care drinks” ingredients are almost the same. In addition to glucose, fructose, and vitamin B, it also contains taurine, lysine, caffeine, and proactosol.

Cao Jianming, director of the Sports Nutrition Research Office of the Science Research Center of Beijing Sports University, introduced that caffeine can reduce human fatigue, but the biggest feature of this central nervous stimulant is that it is addictive, that is, drinking a can in the past may play a can. The role of refreshing, once addictive, you need to increase the dose, otherwise there is no effect.

Experts remind that since they are health care products, children and pregnant women are not suitable for drinking. Adults with good health also need to pay attention. Although these drinks do contain some nutrients, it is not suitable to depend on this, especially for them to replace their usual diet and sleep.

When you are hungry, you have to go to eat. When you are sleepy or tired, you have to go to bed. It does not mean that your body does not feel fatigue. Drinking functional beverages “refreshing”, this kind of hard support is actually an overdraft of physical health, which is very unparalleled.

Bear Sugar -Vitamin D has exceeded the standard

The colorful colors, the cute bear looks, “Bear Sugar” is used by many parents as delicious and fun nutritional supplements to the baby. The Canadian Ministry of Health has issued a notice to recall L “IL Critters Vitamin D3 D3 children’s vitamin D fudon, which is known as” bears “.

Among them, the content of “bears” vitamin D exceeds 4 times, which is far more than the standard limit for safe taking a safe consumption of children under 8 years of age. Excessive intake can cause vitamin D “poisoning”, causing headaches, nausea, vomiting, constipation, lack of appetite, irritability, dehydration, fatigue, and decreased weight.

Zhang Silai, director of the Pediatric Department of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital affiliated to Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that “bears” is indeed not an ordinary fudge, but belongs to children’s health products.

These nutrients have glue sugar, which can easily cause tracheal blockage for children.

Zhang Silai reminds parents that in general, children who eat recipe milk do not need to supplement vitamin D, which can be supplied by the diet and the skin synthesis.

Many parents are always worried that their children are not nutrition enough. Give their children to eat these nutrient supplements alone. As everyone knows, these nutrients can be taken from three meals a day. For example, excessive fat -soluble nutrients may produce accumulation in the body, there is risk of poisoning, bringing hidden health risks to children’s body.

Vitamin Bubble Teng Mosa -Drink Drink and Injury

In recent years, the vitamin bubbles have been very popular, and even many people usually drink vitamin bubble tablets as drinks. But in fact, the vitamin bubbles are not beverages, nor food, but the ranks of health products.

Fu Guangxiong, deputy chief physician of the Department of Health Health Hospital of Hainan Provincial Hospital, introduced that vitamin can be supplemented with vitamins, but it is terrible to treat the pouring tablets as daily body nutritional supplements or drinks.

If it takes a long time, it will make the physiological regulation effect of the human body adapting to high concentration of vitamins. Once stopped, in addition to the morning gum bleeding, subcutaneous ecchymosis and other symptoms occur.

Excessive vitamins can also destroy lymphocytes and hinder the phagocytosis of white blood cells and damage the body’s immunity. Not only is it good for drinking vitamin bubbles, it will cause great harm to the body.

Fish liver oil -not fish oil, easy to hurt liver


The living conditions are good. Filial children often buy some healthy products such as cod liver oil for the elderly and do their best. But in fact, cod liver oil and fish oil are two different things, not healthy foods, but belong to health products.

Xu Hongyu, deputy chief physician of the elderly medical department of Ningbo First Hospital in Ningbo City, introduced that cod liver oil is a kind of fat oil proposed from the sea fish liver. Its main component is vitamin A and D, which prevent infantile disease, help maintain normal vision, and ordinary people The “fish oil” I understand is completely different.

And vitamin A and D are lipid -soluble vitamins. Excessive intake cannot be discharged from the body normally through urine, which will cause burden on the liver and kidney.

Therefore, cod liver oil must be taken under the guidance of a doctor. If it is taken as a food, it may be poisoned and damage the liver.


Slimming plum -the effect is basically blowing

Many people who lose weight know the same “weight loss artifact” -the slimming plum.

In the introduction of slimming plums, it is seen that the slimming plum is extracted from the plant extraction method through the plant extraction method. Natural green food. But in fact, such products with weight loss effects do not belong to food, but should belong to health products.

Ning Huaying, deputy chief of the nutrition department of Haihe Hospital in Tianjin, introduced that the plums or plums, in the final analysis, are plums, and there is no effect of weight loss. The effect is basically blowing.

If it is ordinary food, it cannot be claimed to have health effects, including weight loss.

If you eat plums to lose weight, then those drugs that work should be added, and the medicine cannot be eaten randomly.

(Health Times)

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