Rexland anti-chemical gloves EN15F operation oil resistance

product name

: Rexland ER18F natural rubber labor insurance gloves high performance anti-gloves

First, product performance:


Outstanding chemical performance:

Provide protection against corrosive substances, cleaners, acids, alcohol, and multiple ketones.

2. Good physical properties:

The surface is hardened, and its anti-wear and chemical ability are greater than other ordinary natural rubber gloves.



Style Comfort:

1 The gloves and curved fingers designed according to human machine engineering make it comfortable.

2 Soft suede is designed, when contacting the solvent, easy to persrester, comfortable wear.

3 Mood surface, and raised rhombic fine lines to increase the humidity grip of the glove.

Item number





18MIL (0.45mm) thick, lined, Z-shaped fine grain surface



: Rexland EN15F-8 Nitrosol labor insurance glovenitrile rubber anti-chemical protective gloves

Product Description


Good chemical performance:

Provide better chemical protection for solvents, oil, corrosive substances.


Good physical properties:

Good tear, puncture, anti-wear performance. The surface is hardened, enhances the service life and chemical resistance.

Mood surface, and raised rhombus fine grain surface:

It is more likely to accurately grasp the moisture body; the rhombus pattern brings strong humidity gripping.

Wide range of styles:

There is no lining, suede, and a variety of thickness and length gloves are available.

Highly flexible, comfortable and smart

Rexland ECR27F neoprene and natural rubber mixed anti-chemical gloves

I. Product introduction:


The glove dipped twice, resulting in a mixture of neoprene and rubber, enhancing its chemical ability, and has a large amount of chemical products.

2. A variety of functions:

It is more conventional to impregnate gloves, which can provide effective protection for a variety of chemicals.

3. Long glove length:

13 inches, more than other gloves, enhance their protection performance.

4. Comfortable style

The gloves and curved fingers designed according to human machine engineering make clothes comfortable.

5. Falling liner:

Soft suede is absorbed and comfortable to wear.

6. Striped design, easy to grasp:

Rhombus pattern design, good grip in the moist or extremely dry environment.

Second, the product application field

Petrochemical industry.

2. Electronics and semiconductor industries.

3. Food treatment.

4. Paint shop.

5. Health industry.

6. Tank container cleaning.

7. Hand-handled acid, ketones, alkali, corrosive substances and epoxy substances.

8. Mild assembly.

9. Family cleaning, gardening, hair dyeing and pet care

Rexland anti-chemical gloves EN15F operation oil resistance

product name

product name



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