Xiamen exploration of poverty alleviation collaboration in the east and west parts

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The advantages of the “Three Districts and Three States” system of the Special Economic Zone Leading the industrial change

Xiamen’s Xiamen Linyuan Daida Clothing Poverty Alleviation Workshop.

The Linxia Jiming Shoes Industry in Xiamen cooperates with the poverty alleviation workshop.


Xiamen Aid the Xiarun Chimato Planting Base in Hezheng County. Red pine bornery bumper farmers are happy. (Photo by Huang Yan)

“Three districts and three states”, a unique term in the history of poverty alleviation in China. Open the Chinese topographic map, where the “three districts and three states” are located, basically belong to the most dangerous plateau mountains in the northwest and southwest. Essence The Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, located in central Gansu Province, is one of the deep poverty -stricken areas of the “Three Districts and Three State”.

In June 2010, Xiamen began to help Linxia. From encouraging state -owned enterprises to drive private enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation, to the grafting of the business environment of the two places, to the sharing of talents, “supporting wisdom and support” … In 10 years, Xiamen City first tried it, and the hot land in Linxia actively carried out cross -regional poverty alleviation Collaborative experience exploration and practice accumulation.

Nowadays, Xiamen Lin’s poverty alleviation collaboration is conclusive: Walking in Linxia Prefecture, which is difficult to get rid of poverty alleviation for a long time, in the small village town that was once blocked and conservative, the industrial parks rose up. As in full swing, the poor households have high spirit of getting rid of poverty and getting rich, and the local business environment continues to improve. A magnificent picture of poverty alleviation collaboration with the connection between the east to west and the connected land and sea has been painted.

Butterfly change: 10 years of knot witness the vicissitudes of vicissitudes

In the Rain Poverty Alleviation Center of Anji Township, Jishi Mountain County, Linxia, ​​more than 20 poor households are sewing umbrellas. “It turned out to be an idle village. We rented it to the poverty alleviation workshop.” Jiang Wenbin, deputy general manager of Jishi Shan Haicang Industrial Operation Co., Ltd. Poverty alleviation workshop.

“The first time I came here, I saw a deserted mountain, and only a few sheep were eating grass.” The sewing machine in the workshop of Jimei Jimei Bag Company, Zhengxian County, and more than 100 workers are sewing the travel bag, of which 90 %Are poor households. Tian Xiaoping, general manager of the company, said that the company bought a 30 -acre land construction plant, and now the full load can accommodate 500 people to employment.

Not far away is the collection and Xingye Park of Xiamen City. The reporter saw that many factory buildings have been completed, and the first batch of enterprises have signed a contract. Wu Shixin, the general manager of Linxiazhou Jihe and Xing Trading Company, who are responsible for the construction of the park, said that the total investment of the industrial park is 210 million yuan and the total construction area is about 58,000 square meters. At present, the construction area is 31,000 square meters. The introduction of eastern enterprises such as Xiarun Plateau Agriculture and other east enterprises will be introduced to follow up with 5 projects. It is expected that nearly a thousand jobs can be added after all the first phase of them can be put into production.

In the Gansu Bingling Danxia National Geological Park in the southwestern part of Yongjing County, Xiamen Enterprise’s plan to invest 3 billion yuan in the Gansu Yellow River Danxia Cultural Tourism Project is being promoted in an orderly manner. “We plan to rationally develop more than 100 square kilometers such as geological parks and Bingling Lake under the premise of protection.” Xiang Meiying, chairman of Gansu Huanghe Danxia Tourism Co., Ltd. Become the leader of the cultural tourism industry in Linxia, ​​indirectly created 5,000 jobs.

In addition to visible changes, more changes are quietly happening. Ye Jian, executive deputy director of Xiamen’s counterpart support office, introduced that Xiamen issued a collaborative industry support policy last year. Enterprises stationed in Linxia Prefecture can enjoy more better support measures than in Xiamen City, and the enthusiasm of enterprises has improved significantly. Linxia Prefecture also followed the corresponding policies this year, and the industrial cooperation accelerated. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, Xiamen City’s registered registered funds for the investment promotion of Linxia Prefecture reached 350 million yuan, far exceeding the same period of previous years.

The rising factories on the wasteland have become industrial workers in the past, and the development of the tertiary industry has been in full swing … Since pairing with Xiamen, Linxia Prefecture has undergone tremendous changes. %, A large number of eastern enterprises settled, bringing sustainable development vitality. In the past three years, Xiamen has always ranked among the best in the eastern cities in the east -west poverty alleviation collaboration annual assessment of the East and West Poverty Alleviation Cooperation.

Ice break: move from poor mountainous areas to special economic zones

Two years ago, the Central Committee made a clear match in Xiamen for the first time to help Linxia.

“At the earliest time, we helped mainly pay attention to the people’s livelihood issues such as infrastructure construction and education, housing, and medical care. Tens of millions of yuan each year into related construction projects in Linxia Prefecture.” Mao Jiangfeng said that in 2015, Xiamen City began to dispatch cadres to Linxia Prefecture to investigate local poverty, assistance needs, coordinate assistance projects, etc., and gradually shifted to increasing the income level of local residents, and began to change from “hematopoietic” assistance to change. Essence

At the end of 2016, the central government adjusted the poverty alleviation collaboration and assistance relationship, and once again clarified that Xiamen’s pairing helped Linxia. Xiamen Liming Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Labor Transportation and Industrial Assistance began to accelerate.

In December 2017, Xiamen organized a number of local enterprises to organize groups to recruit workers in Dongxiang County, Linxia Prefecture. “Linxiazhou’s industrial development is relatively weak, and there are many idle labor in winter in winter. We first thought that the itinerary would be smooth.” Recalling this recruitment, Lu Xiumei, the management class of Xiamen Ruihe Electronics Co., Ltd. After the county, we turned around in various places, and in the end we didn’t recruit much. “

Linxia Prefecture is located in the northwest mountainous area. The local information is closed. The villagers’ employment concepts are conservative. As one of the earliest cadres who were stationed in Linxia Prefecture, Mao Jiangfeng worked in Linxia for more than three years. He frankly faced many difficulties in the promotion of related work at the beginning of assistance.

“In the beginning, we were not open enough. There were MLM everywhere in the village. There were so many salarys for food and accommodation. Everyone thinks that there is such a good thing? ‘” Germany said that before 2017, few people in the village went out to work, and no one was willing to sign up for such a far place in Xiamen. “Later, the village secretary and the township chief assured us that tickets, board and lodging were arranged by the government, and we came with the mentality of trying to try.”

In response to the problem of weak migrant workers in Linxia Prefecture, many departments in Xiamen have studied and introduced policies. On the one hand, through the living arrangements that conform to local customs, the first batch of migrant workers can adapt to the environment; Old employees bring new employee awards and other policies to mobilize the enthusiasm of related enterprises and employees.

“Their family concept is heavy, and the couple rarely separate. They also work in the same company when they come out. For the sake of convenience, the company has arranged a dormitory of husband and wife.” Lu Xiumei said that in order to retain the first workers, companies, companies, companies Get hard work. In terms of meals, we order meals from halal restaurants, and continuously adjust the types and tastes of the dishes according to the needs of the workers.

In this way, the first batch of migrant workers who arrived in Xiamen gradually stabilized. With the support of the policy, a round of passing the group starts.

“There are nearly 300 households in our village, and only 4 came out of the first batch, all in Ruihe Electronics. Tell them the situation in Xiamen, and do a good job of communication at the same time to help the latecomers adapt to the working environment. Xiamen City supports poor households in Linxia Prefecture to come to work to introduce poor households to work in Xiamen for 3 months and 6 months, each with 1,000 yuan awards. income.

The dilemma of labor transfer has gradually resolved. The farmers of Linxia, ​​who had worked more in the past, began to work in coastal areas. For a while, it became the fashion of various mountain villages.

Baohabu is one of the migrant workers introduced by Baoha Made. He admits that many migrant workers have returned to the village to build a new house. This is their best business card. People are very courteous in the village. “Everyone has seen the benefits of going out to work. Now more than half of the people in the village have come out.”

With a series of encouragement policies, Xiamen Labor cooperation has been promoted in an orderly manner. “In the first quarter of this year, even under the pressure of the new crown pneumonia, we still transferred more than 3,000 migrant workers to Xiamen to find employment through the methods of buses, trains, and sailing class.” Since the beginning of the year, Xiamen has drove more than 30,000 poor households in Linxia to walk out of the mountains and move towards the eastern coast.

Root: The difficult search began in a barren


There are many rural population in Linxia Prefecture. Many farmers cannot go out to migrant workers due to caring for family and farm work. Some people go back to the coast, and more people stay in their hometown and look forward to it.

“This requires that we must lead the company, promote the development of the local real estate industry, and continue to drive employment.” Ye Jian said that this work is not small for Xiamen, which is mainly an external economy.

Foreign -funded enterprises account for 70 % of Xiamen’s industrial output value. Most of them have high requirements for upstream and downstream industries, logistics, and talents, and it is difficult to transfer to poverty -stricken areas in the west. Labor -intensive private enterprises are the main force of industrial transfer, and this is exactly the shortcomings of Xiamen’s industrial structure. In order to promote the development of the local real estate industry, Xiamen City has also taken some detours with state -owned enterprises as a pioneer “to” the pioneer of “going to” the industrial foundation.

In October 2017, 6 municipal -owned state -owned enterprises including Xiamen Guomao Holding Group Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment of Linxiazhou Xialin Economic Development Co., Ltd. to prepare to help employment with industrial assistance. “There are 3 Fortune 500 companies in the six state -owned enterprises. The strength is undoubted, but everyone’s main business is in the fields of finance, trade, supply chain and other fields. Chang Li Yong said that at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, he invested nearly 30 million yuan to develop the aquaculture industry and purchased more than 1,000 Siemens beef beef, but only more than 30 workers with such a large -scale breeding plant were not ideal for driving employment effects.

It is difficult to transfer foreign -funded enterprises. The main business of state -owned enterprises is not in line with the needs of local poverty alleviation. Labor -intensive private enterprises are the shortcomings of the industrial structure of Xiamen. How to break the problem?

Faced with such a predicament, Xiamen City broke the traditional thinking. On the basis of mobilizing local enterprises to build factories in the western region, encouraging the poverty alleviation team to attract investment in Xiamen City through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Associations, bringing the first batch of the first batch of assistance areas of the counterpart assistance area. Manufacturing private enterprise.

“In March 2018, the poverty alleviation work team contacted me to promote the investment environment of Linxiazhou. In September of that year, I went to Linxia Prefecture for the first time. It felt like Xiamen in the 1980s and 1990s. There is a lot of room for resources. “Tian Xiaoping, the general manager of Jimei Bag Company, has been running a factory in Quanzhou City, Fujian for more than 20 years. In recent years, it has been troubled by labor. The promotion of the poverty alleviation team made her determined to run a factory in the local area. Today, her factory in Linxia is operating well, and the second and third phases have begun to build.


On the basis of going out for the investment in poverty alleviation collaboration, Xiamen City took the lead in issuing policies to attract enterprises to the counterpart assistance area across the country. Depending on the registered capital, the maximum one -time reward is given by 1 million yuan; the production equipment purchased by the company’s capital increase and expansion is given, and the reward will be given at 15%of the actual amount after acceptance …

“Policies are facing the country. As long as companies that meet the corresponding conditions, we can enjoy our industrial collaboration policy.” Ye Jian said that in order to guide more companies to settle in Linxia, ​​Xiamen City stipulates that companies can settle in Linxia to enjoy more favorable than settled in Xiamen. Policies.

The private enterprise has the intention to invest in factories in Linxia Prefecture, and then encounter problems such as poor funds and weak factories infrastructure. In this regard, Xiamen’s state -owned enterprises in Xiamen play their financial advantages and explore the things of state -owned enterprises with private enterprises to help the industry help the industry The project landed as soon as possible.

The Xialin Shoe Industry Co., Ltd., located in Hezheng County, was established by Xiamen’s state -owned enterprise Xia Xia and private enterprise Gu Linda Jiger. The orders and technology are from Gu Lindaji. At present, the enterprise is operating well and has generated economic benefits. “The advantage of private enterprises is that they have the management experience of orders, technology and labor -intensive enterprises, but lack of funds, and state -owned enterprises just complement their advantages.” Li Yong said that at present, Xialin Company and private enterprises have established 12 enterprises to “contribute state -owned enterprises to contribute. +Private Enterprises Order and Technical Guarantee+Local Government’s in -depth cooperation in the model of assisting the establishment of files to build a card household “to drive more than 1,500 poor households.

On the one hand, by the establishment of a mixed ownership company, the capital of state -owned enterprises, and the cooperation of private enterprises with technology, management and orders to achieve complementary advantages; on the other hand, through investment in the construction of industrial parks, business promotion, nesting to attract phoenixes, and solve the settlement of enterprises to settle in the settlement of enterprises. All kinds of problems encountered by Linxia. Xiamen City made a three -dimensional industrial assistance combination.

Many factory buildings in Jihe Xing Industrial Park have been completed. As the first settlement company, Huang Xiongyue, general manager of Xiarun Plateau Agricultural Corporation, said that the enterprise has more than 1,500 acres of edible fungus planting bases in Linxia Prefecture. After signing an agreement with the Industrial Park, they soon settled in the park. “Rental reduction can save hundreds of thousands of yuan per year, and the existing facilities with complete facilities saves the time of self -built factories, accelerate the project landing, and let us catch up with this year’s picking season.”

“In addition to rents and exemptions, companies most importantly avoid the tedious self -built plant process and capital investment.” Wu Shixin said that many companies are paying attention to the construction of industrial parks and are currently negotiating with them. In addition, Xiamen City is building a new batch of industrial parks in Linxia County, Linxia Prefecture, and will provide sufficient guarantee for subsequent investment promotion enterprises.

With a series of innovative exploration and promotion, the industrial assistance opened the situation. Real incentive policies have led to significant results in investment promotion. The processing of bags, shoe industry, rain gear, specialty agricultural products … A group of eastern coastal companies with obvious poverty effects have taken root in Linxia Prefecture. According to statistics, as of August, Xiamen City has introduced 57 enterprises in Linxia Prefecture, which actually reached 620 million yuan. By adapting the employment and interest connection mechanism, more than 10,000 people increased their income.

Growth: The idea of ​​gradually becoming rich

“Your company comes here to poverty alleviation. How can you earn the hard -earned money of workers?” At a meeting at Linxia Prefecture, Tian Xiaoping met a “soul torture” of a cadre in the regional cadres.

“I was shocked at the time. I was a businessman. How could it not be profitable for companies?” Tian Xiaoping said. At the beginning, a few cadres in Linxia still stayed in the previous “blood transfusion” poverty alleviation stage. model.

Several persons in charge of the interviewed enterprises admitted that when they first arrived in Linxia, ​​local enterprises registered, had a long certificate approval process, low efficiency, some grass -roots cadres’ awareness of service was weak, and enterprises were very uncomfortable.

In this regard, Xiamen has strengthened the exchange of cadres to help enterprises solve difficulties. Since the pairing assistance, Xiamen City has dispatched more than 800 cadres in Linxia. From planning and design to administrative approval, the new service concept has taken root in Linxia Prefecture, so that local companies can feel real changes, and also affect the local area. Party and government cadres.

“In the process of interviewing and mutual assistance, the influence of subtle influence continued. Xiamen introduced the cooperative industry support policy last year. Linxia Prefecture also introduced corresponding policies this year. This is visible progress.” Zhang Qunteng said.

Today, local party and government cadres often visit the factory and ask what difficulties need to be resolved. “Soul torture” no longer exists.

“Yang County’s office work on the spot to solve the problem of our employees’ bus. Like!” On September 4th, Zhou Jinmin, the manager of Jimei Bag Company, released such a circle of friends, and the joy was overwhelming.

“The company has recently expanded the scale of employment, and has recruited more than 100 workers. Some families are far away from the company and are not within the coverage of the bus.” Zhou Jinmin said that a deputy head of Hezheng County came to the company to investigate the situation when he came to the company to investigate the situation. Later, the on -site call and the bus company coordinating.

From the “soul torture” to the on -site office, the concept of local cadres is changing, and at the same time, local poor households have gradually stepped out of agricultural thinking. After landing in Linxia, ​​some coastal companies bring modern management experience. In the collision of ideological exchanges, farmers gradually adapted to the management of modern factories and transformed into mature industrial workers.

“When the factory first started recruiting in June 2018, nearly 300 people scrambled to sign up, and the door was lined up, but most of the months later, most of them left.” Said that many people are not used to the fact that they have transformed from farmers to workers. “When they go to work at the factory for a whole day, the time is not as free as planting at home. As soon as the farmers are busy, many people resign and dig Cordyceps.”

Xie Genheng organized nearly 50 management and technical personnel from Xiamen to do technical guidance in the factory. After a period of time, the workers’ team stabilized.

“It was very difficult for the first three months. Some employees were not suitable for the work model of the factory. They often arrived late at work and asked for leave at will.” Linxia Tongleyu is limited to the company in Kangle County, Kangle County. The company manager Liu Ganghu said that when the company was established, Local employees have weak awareness of goods, low work efficiency, high rate of sub -product, and greater pressure on enterprises.

“In response to this situation, we bought some lecture courses for well -known enterprises and organized paid listening courses on the weekend afternoon. While the employee’s vision was widened, the concept gradually changed.” Liu Ganghu said that after nearly two years of running -in, employees’ work The enthusiasm has improved significantly, and many people now arrive in advance and take the initiative to work overtime. “We have a reward for overtime pay. After get off work at 7 pm, many people work until 8:30.”

From the change of the salary system, it can also be seen from the progress of Linxia. When the poverty alleviation factory was just landing, some Linxia cadres proposed to implement a fixed wage system in order to ensure the interests of workers. When the Jimei bag company just implemented the wages of the countdown, some people left because the work pressure was under pressure. “But the active workers have stayed. They gradually realized that the fixed salary is raising a lazy man. It is very unfair and should be worked more.” Zhou Jinmin said that after the implementation of the piece of pieces, the most diligent employees can earn 4,000 yuan a month more than 4,000 yuan per month. While the wage level is improved as a whole, the efficiency of the factory has also been greatly improved.

In the poverty alleviation factory in Guanghe County, the workers were neatly sitting in rows after the workers, and they picked the bird’s nests. Many of them were ethnic minorities. They have good vision and have advantages in mastering bird’s nest picking technology. The panel of the lobby reads each worker’s salary income last month, and the maximum one month exceeds 6,000 yuan.

The person in charge of some enterprises bluntly stated that in the past few years, employees have changed very much. In the past, some poor households believed that the work of entering the factory was to get subsidies, and there was the idea of ​​”waiting for”, and now it really regards it as its own profession. “Previously, a skill contest was held in the county. Everyone worked very hard. Our company has won several awards. The collective honor of employees has increased significantly.” Zhou Jinmin said.

Qiu Wuwei, a cadre of Xiamen and deputy governor of Linxia Prefecture, said that at the same time as helping the local real estate industry, Xiamen City also arranged teachers to go to Linxia Prefecture to carry out Mandarin promotion work, organize employees’ “weekend school” to popularize cultural knowledge, and absorb local poor students to study in Xiamen to study in Xiamen. Essence Today, the Linxia workers in the workshop have greatly improved their understanding and identity in the eastern region.

“After 10 years of help, there has been a lot of changes in Linxia Prefecture, but the most pleasing to us is to see the change of the concept of local development and the optimization of the business environment. Before that, Xiamen cadres went to Linxia Prefecture to work. Promoting the concept of promoting the cadres of Linxia to Xiamen to work and bringing the concept of a first -class business environment for the Special Economic Zone is needed. This is needed for the long -term development of Linxia. “Li Huiyue, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department.

Bloom: “Binding and integrated” development in the future can be expected

From the Xialin Shoe Factory in Hezheng County, after a few kilometers of driving, Li Yong parked the car at the door of the construction site.

“This is our new plant, the front is the office building, and there are two floors in the back of 12,000 square meters. There is a dormitory building next to it.” Pointing on several buildings not far away, Li Yong said excitedly, “Before. We do shoes mainly to process it. To put it plainly, it is to make the upper. The raw materials and the market are outside. Industrial chain, the product that exports to Europe to take the Belt and Road ‘Central and European trains can drive more than 1,000 local employment. “

In recent years, some labor -intensive companies on the southeast coast have a trend of relocation of Southeast Asia. “Instead of migrating abroad, it is better to guide to the western region. Through the exploration of mixed ownership, the rainware industry chain is transferred to Jishi Mountain, and it will eventually stay in the country.” Jiang Wenbin said that the Ji Shishan Haicang Industrial Operation Company is gathering the rain gear industry. By the introduction of many upstream and downstream companies to settle in, realize the transfer of industrial chain and reduce transportation costs. “If there is a system’s industry as a support, poverty -stricken counties will decrease a lot.”

Speaking of future development, the person in charge of poverty alleviation cadres and enterprises interviewed said that the cooperation between Xiamen Ling and the two places has continued to increase, and it is full of confidence in the development of the industrial development.

“We came here to prepare for a long time.” Tian Xiaoping said that when the company was founded, managers hired from high prices from other places, and at the same time, they selected local employees with strong sense of responsibility and high cultural level to train. The transfer has been completed, and the team leaders in the factory are locals in Linxia. The second phase of the project is expected to be put into use in October, which will further expand the size of the workers.

“This is like planting trees. The policy is just the early digging pits and watering, and it depends on the company itself when growing in the later period.” Liu Ganghu said that with the strong support of the Xiamen Municipal Government, the company’s policy of poverty alleviation cooperation in the East and West, He has established a heel, and will continue to improve the benefits in the future, and expand production capacity in a timely manner according to the development.

Enterprise development confidence has doubled, and poor households in Linxia Prefecture are also full of expectations for the future. Many people have their own development plans.

“My salary can subsidize the expenses of the family, and my husband’s salary can be saved. We plan to save money to open a ramen restaurant.” Tan Fang, an employee of Teligo Rain Tool Company, Jishi Shan County, said that she and her husband have always hoped to open a store to do it by herself to do it by herself. Business, in the past, was idle at home, and husbands were subsidized by their husbands, and their lives lived tightly. Today, she has a stable job in the factory, and the salary of nearly 3,000 yuan per month makes her dream possible.

“Looking back now, in fact, we are poor in conceptual.” After walking out of the mountain village of Dongxiang County, Baoha Mald also had more understanding and thinking about poverty alleviation in his hometown. He said that he occasionally went to the house of Fujian’s colleagues to be a guest. Seeing that they lived in three or four floors in the rural areas, they had more than 100,000 yuan in tea at home. The contrast is very obvious. “If we have such insights before, come out earlier, my family will definitely not become poor households.”

Baoha Made said that when he returned to Baojia Village, when relatives and friends ate together, where to make money from work became an insurmountable topic. Xiamen’s assistance not only drumped everyone’s money bags, but also rich in heads. In the subtle way, the seeds of struggle are germinated in the hearts of the villagers, making everyone fight for fighting spirit.

After years of exploration, Xialin Ling’s poverty alleviation cooperation mechanism has initially achieved results, and the visible changes have given a poverty -stabilizer to the poor households in Linxia Prefecture. A new round of poverty alleviation collaboration is in the ascendant, and the pairing assistance in the well -off period in the well -off period is still promising.

From the Special Economic Zone to the “Three Districts and Three States”, many enterprises and poverty alleviation cadres call their work “secondary entrepreneurship”: a modern factory, a piece of industrial parks, and the mature skills, the smiling facing life Poor workers … They pioneered the fields of hope in a plateau, melted a piece of land, planted the next seed, looked at it, grow up, and look forward to blooming as soon as possible.

In the past 10 years, Xialin has overcome difficulties and has continuously explored innovation. The model of poverty alleviation cooperation in Xiamen Lin has become increasingly mature, which fully demonstrates the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. Increased funding support, accelerated investment promotion, increased communication cadres, and continuous optimization of the business environment … Under all -round exchanges and interactions, Xiamen Ling has achieved “bundled and integrated” development. The poverty alleviation collaboration model is expected in the future, and the assistance story of the Special Economic Zone and the “Three Districts and Three State” continues. (Kang Miao, Yan Hongxin, Zhao Wencai)

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