The 31 -year -old twilight women are so hot, tight super shorts and beautiful legs, netizens: Seama in the world

On September 3rd, according to relevant media reports, Christine Stuart attended the event and participated in the Venice Film Festival, which caused a heated discussion among netizens.

It is reported that this time she brought a new work “Spencer”, which has ended the first round of screening at the Venice Film Festival, and Xiao K appeared to participate in the press conference!

Today’s Christine Stuart is charming, vibrant, and particularly aura. She was very aggressive and she chose a black super shorts. It was also very bold. You must know that this kind of clothes is a disaster for bad figures, but Xiao K controls it perfectly.


This time her dress was simple and cool, in line with her temperament, the golden button buckled one by one, and with the golden long zipper, she looked noble. The design of this round neckline relieved her disadvantages on her shoulder width, allowing everyone to focus on her white neck.


The ultra -short pants are hot, a pair of slender beautiful legs are nourished, and the figure is really amazing! The golden hair was gently reached behind, clean and neat, in line with her consistent temperament. The whole match can be said to be full of charm and handsome.

For Christine Steur’s amazing state, netizens have said that Xiao K Yan value is back in spring, “it seems that when I am back to the Twilight City”, and some netizens praised her as “Seaniel”, which is also very appropriate. Essence


The film “Spencer” starred in the film festival was well received. Xiao K paid a lot for the film. In order to fit Diana’s image, she specifically found a language teacher to train her accent. It took a lot of time to read Diana’s biography.

Looking forward to seeing this excellent work.

Author: ArticleManager