How to make a white T -shirt to “rotten streets”? The key depends on your “details” in place

The ordinary white T -shirt, saying that no one will object to the streets, even if so, some people are still fashionable and high -level, while some people are ordinary as passers -by. Why is this? Intersection

In fact, the main reasons are attributed to our wearing method. Some people pay attention to the details of wearing, and accurately control each matching link, and some people will do things as long as they can cover the body. Of course, the effect bias is different. Therefore, if you want to wear good -looking, we still need to pay attention to the details first:



Details: Choose White T


Although white T is white T, the deviation between the materials is large. When choosing a white T, you must grasp the material. You must choose the top fabric. It is comfortable to wear and feel soft and comfortable to wear.

And it is best not to transparent, not only will it be exposed because of thinness, but it is also easy to cause embarrassment when you go out and go out.

There are also materials that are particularly easy to wrinkle or deformation as much as possible. Ordinary office workers do not have so much time to iron it, and reduce time to take care of the cost.

Sometimes, white T -shirts are also embedded in some fashion elements, such as printing, cartoon characters, plant patterns, etc. When we choose, we also need to refer to the needs of daily wear and scenes.


However, if you want to wear a high -level sense, T -shirts still try to choose minimalism, choose too exaggerated pattern design, or printed patterns that are too easy to open, it will also greatly reduce fashion.

The choice of T -shirt neckline will also decide whether to wear a more advanced visual sense.

Under normal circumstances, how to choose the neckline of the T -shirt? It is recommended that you choose according to your neck length. As in general, the neck should be slightly shorter, so you must create a more exposed area. You can choose a round neck and V -neck, but avoid too large necklines, or too small collar.



Details: Pick T -shirt according to tailoring

The tailoring design of the white T -shirt is based on the proportion of each of us. The tailoring of T -shirts generally includes four types: shoulder width, enclosure, sleeve length, and long clothes. The commonly tailored T -shirts can be divided into H version (satisfactory), A -line model, mini short, waist X type.


There is no doubt that if you want to wear T -shirts out of a high sense, these four tailoring must be reasonable and fit. Those who are visible to see, lengthy, long, without lines are the first to be eliminated by us.

The tailoring of too loose T -shirts is quite a test of people. The tailor -cut T -shirt can be worn with a skeleton and a very small sense of quantity, otherwise it is easy to expose the shortcomings of the figure.

Most of the ordinary girl’s figure is not perfect. The small belly has meat, large chest, small chest, wide shoulders, and shoulder slippery. Choose the tailoring of T -shirts. We should pay attention to selection based on these figure characteristics.

If the small belly has meat, you can choose a H version of T -shirts. Don’t deliberately chase the waistline and cover it appropriately;

If the chest is large, but the belly is small and thin, and does not want to make a sexy curve deliberately, then the H version of T -shirt is also possible.

Of course, if you like a more feminine combination, you can try to wear like Song Qian. The feminine taste is proper.

How to choose the tailor of T -shirts with width and slippery shoulders? You can choose a microphone -type X -shaped T -shirt. The tailoring of the clothes itself has a waist design, or when the details are paired with details, you can choose a belt to comprehensively.


Details: Make good use of various accessories


In fact, when it comes to white T -shirts with various accessories, MMs who pay attention to fashion should know its importance. To say that accessories are embellished with a sense of advanced, the key is the fit between the matchmaker itself and the accessories.

As shown in the figure: white T -shirt+jeans, because the clothes are embellished with green shawls in detail. Vision not only combines a combination, but also enriches the sense of layering.


The degree of fit refers to the comprehensive factors such as all kinds of accessories, models, colors, and sizes you supplemented.


If Fuga’s accessories and T -shirts itself do not seem to match and are not coordinated, then you have to find a way to balance from it.


As shown in the figure: When the left is in a white T, a single color may cause visual fatigue. Then use a silk scarf like the right picture, the color is clear, and the high -level sense of matching it.

In other words, there is no silk scarf (some people feel that the scarf is not good, choose the model that is not fit, or it is still a bit covered with neck in summer), you can try it to match with a necklace. Pure color white T can be stacked to wear necklaces. If you choose white T -shirts such as printing and embroidery, wearing only one layer of necklace is enough.


It is best to emphasize the importance of a little matching in the details of the accessories. That is, makeup, brighten the skin color appropriately, choose the appropriate lipstick number, appropriate concealer whitening, not only the versatility of wearing white T, but also a sense of advanced.





Common white T -shirts with different items, the essence of the style is very simple and gentle. Of course, there are some fashionable elements piled up, but this is different from our theme to create a high -level sense of dressing. Therefore, after we work hard under the selection, accessories, and details, we will be between various items. Can be more handy.

White T -shirts+strap pants, color matching is very classic black and white, but not only sticks to the sense of simplicity, because the clothes and pants itself are relatively loose, the overall sense is generous, and it is very high -quality.

In addition, when matching the T -shirt+strap pants, you do not have to wear it well. Try the straps aside to create the ultimate laziness and casualness, adding a little playfulness.

White T is wearing a commuting fan. The vest’s suit jacket can be stacked. Do not tie the rigid panel with a pair of high heels with a pair of pointed heels.

The matching of white T -shirts and cigarette pants, the same color is the most high -level sense of matching, simple but not simple, brighten with a pair of red shoes, and the whole person is exquisite.

The combination of fresh floral skirts and T -shirts, the complexity of the floral skirt, the ultimate generosity of the white T -shirt, and the sense of balance of each other. As long as the chosen flowers are not super cluttered, they are basically not picking up, which is quite stable.

There are many daily matching items for T -shirts, but if we are linked to the advanced sense, we only need to pay attention to the texture of the T -shirt, the layered sense of matching, and the matching of color matching.

Well, this issue of the T -shirt is shared here. If you still have other problems you want to see, please leave a message below to become beautiful together


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