How to prepare for wedding photography

Wedding photos are not the bride alone. The groom also needs to do full homework in advance. So what are the preparations before the groom takes wedding photos? See the suggestion of the Xiaomi photography editor to you.


Groom takes wedding photos: shirt

Generally speaking, a solid color long -sleeved shirt requires one or two. It is used to shoot some more dignified and elegant shots. White, light pink, light blue, etc. will be relatively young and vibrant. It will be relatively mature and stable, and the slimming style. Extracting shooting is recommended to choose bright and bright shirts, such as yellow, blue, green, red, etc. The style can be stripes, grids, or small details stitching. style.

Groom takes wedding photos: pants

In order to cooperate with some dignified and elegant shots, a pair of dark trousers or casual trousers is necessary. It is really not used to wearing, and at least need to prepare a pair of dark jeans. The outside scene is much more casual. Jeans, casual pants, trousers, suit shorts, etc. are all OK, easy to follow.

Groom takes wedding photos: suit


Most of the orthodox suits are suitable for shooting rooms or architecture as the background scene deliberately wearing a suit pen to stand up to the suburbs. In fact, it is awkward. Extixing shooting. You can try some casual suit, such as some slim -fitting models, short, Korean version, etc. Wait, look at the other clothing below.

Groom takes wedding photos: shoes

Positive leather shoes or casual leather shoes or casual sneakers are generally better matching black and white, and other colors should be based on the clothing.

Groom takes wedding photos: accessories


Men are no longer supporting roles or props in wedding photos, rich props and accessories will make a single men’s shape change, such as various collar, tie, glasses, hats, etc. Generally, every store will prepare some new people for some people. However, if you want to shoot more specially, you can also prepare some of the shooting by yourself.

Groom takes wedding photos: life outfits

Wedding photos generally include couple photos, which requires the two people’s life costumes. It can be some more distinctive couple clothes, or match them according to clothing styles and colors. No matter what, it looks like it is the focus. Experience shows that clothing with bright colors and echo styles will be more mirror.

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