Zhong Liti dare not try this fashion, the sequins dresses are shining brightly, noble and foreign

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It is beautiful and beautiful, although people also exude a variety of charm in middle age. This is Zhong Liti. She is beautiful and charming. She has a hint of hearty in sexy. In the following, shining is a kind of beauty, which brings a visual shock.


Moreover, the ranking of this sequin is very delicate, it will not look vulgar, nor will it look old, but it will have a very gorgeous feeling. The hem of the skirt is modified in a overall style in the style of the tassel, which is even more magnificent.

Wonderful highlights in this issue: 1. Sequenant design dazzling and eye -catching 2. High -heeled shoes show women’s style 3. More about Zhong Liti’s dressing style


1. The sequin design is dazzling

If some fairy feels that the dresses are too monotonous, then you can try to use sequin design, luxurious sequins, and use on the dresses, not just a visual shock and enjoyment, but also the shape of the overall style and the sense of advanced. One show, its glorious, attractive eyes, high -end atmosphere, let the fairies feel the gorgeous direct impact, rich aesthetic characteristics, and in the crowd. With the feeling of gorgeous pressure, Zhong Liti’s fashionable people dare not try, and the sequin dress shines brightly, noble.

Second, high heels show women’s style


High -heeled shoes are no stranger to most fairies. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, whether it is a strong woman in the workplace or a novice Xiaobai, you can wear it. High -heeled shoes can make the fairies look up. Walking in the crowd, it becomes a beautiful landscape. Not only that, it can also shape long and straight legs. It looks tall and graceful. So, it is the favorite of the fairy with good things! Zhong Liti is really a slightly fat body ceiling. The sequins dress is sexy and charming, and the curve is amazing


Seeing this, I think there are many fairies who are very interested in the matching of Zhong Liti. Not only use the sequin design to show its own style and sense of high level, showing the luxury of high -end and large upper stalls, but also to perfectly interpret the gorgeous and charm. No matter how wonderful the words are, it is difficult to tell this uniqueness. Let’s take a look at her other combination, maybe I can find more inspiration.

Third, more about Zhong Liti’s dressing style introduction: Bubble sleeve design style is very age -reducing

A dress with bubble sleeves will make us look more cute and lovely, super -age reduction, fluffy sleeves can help us perfectly modify the shoulder lines, especially for women with width shoulder width. friendly.

Extremely exciting: different styles of dresses

① Big skirt: The large skirt provides us with a gorgeous visual feast. Such a skirt is very princess, and attending important occasions will definitely become the most dazzling one.

② Skill skirt: Compared with fluffy large skirts, the split skirt is more sexy. The high -cut design reveals one of our legs and will look particularly temperament. It is more high -heeled to show the aura.

Views 2: White shirts with skirts have their own styles


The white shirt is very versatile, we can use it to create unique dressing and style:


① Short skirt -sexy style: If you can use a white shirt with a hip skirt, you can outline our perfect curve to reflect more sexy visual enjoyment. At the same time, the red hip skirt is the most conspicuous. Provide full femininity.


② Long skirt -gentle wind: white shirt with upper body long skirt is super gentle. This kind of dress is very suitable for tall girls, and long skirts can show a perfect sense of perfectness.

TIPS: choice of wide -leg pants


The wearing wide -leg pants is a very daily choice, while the high -waisted wide -leg pants are more durable. The upper body is matched with a short navel dress. Very outstanding figure lines, very attractive.

Zhong Liti’s dressing is very suitable for mature women’s dressing, but if we want to wear clothes, we still need to exercise to improve. Mature women who love to wear can learn from her to wear, and finally find Let’s exclusive clothes! Well, today’s content is shared here. Let’s discuss fashion together next time!

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