Light, solid, more durable; stainless steel table

Stainless steel products are very common in people’s daily lives, including the most commonly used, stainless steel knife, stainless steel kettle, etc. However, in addition to this use, other places at home can also see the stainless steel, and the stainless steel table is one of them.

Advantages of stainless steel tables and chairs

The stainless steel table chair has long service life, corrosion resistance, strong hardness, and fire is not afraid of heat, easy to clean, never discolored or faded.

Stainless steel table is not only beautiful and noble, and it is not easy to be dirty, and the wipe it, the more furniture will become old, but the stainless steel furniture will not, and the stainless steel seat has no side effects. Any damage to the human body is an unwanted green environmental furniture.

Most stainless steel dining table and chair welding performance is excellent, even after a certain test, it is boiled, and it is blown over time, and there will be no changes. The heat resistance is good, the stainless steel table and chairs are not hot, even if the sun is placed in the window, the sun is not generated, or the high-temperature item on the desktop will not leave any traces. Good corrosion resistance.


In the market, due to the use places, stainless steel tables is divided into household stainless steel tables and stainless steel chains, which are mostly used in public cafeteria, fast food restaurants and other places.


Common stainless steel table specifications

Stainless steel table is generally high: 750-790mm, dining chair is generally high: 450-500mm;

2 people dining table overall size: length 700 * width 850 * height 750mm;


4 people table overall size: length 1350 * width 850 * height 750mm;

6 people Table Overall size: length 1400 * width 850 * height 750mm;

8 people’s table overall size: length 2250 * width 850 * height 750mm;

The square table size is generally short-term control at 800-850, and the long side is calculated as per capita: control at 550-700, close to 700 is good.

The family stainless steel table and chairs are like a rectangular 6-person dining table, and the table size is generally 1200mm – 1500mm, and the width is 800mm – 900mm, which is 750mm. That is, 1200 * 800 or 1400 * 800 or 1500 * 900. Mainly based on 1400 * 800, that is, do not occupy too many spaces, and the family of the five five portions is suitable.

Size of canteen tables and chairs: FAQ reference for cafeteria tables and chairs

(1) Table height: 750-790mm;

(2) Tall of dining chairs; 450-500mm;


(3) Round table diameter: two people 500mm, two people 800mm, five people 1100mm, six people 1100-1250mm, eight people 1300mm, ten people L500MM, twelve people 1800mm;

(4) Square table size: two people 700 × 850 (mm), four people 1350 × 850 (mm), eight people 2250 × 850 (mm);

(5) Table turntable diameter; 600-800mm, dining table distance: (where 500 mm of seats) should be greater than 500.

Stainless steel table purchase

1. The production of stainless steel tables in quality uses some particular technologies, that is, in the connection of stainless steel steel pipes, it is not possible to see the solder joint, so consumers should check the connection carefully when purchasing;


2. Normally, the stainless steel dining table does not use stainless steel because it will not only affect the beauty of the table, but also due to the characteristics of stainless steel, it is easy to produce a large noise when placing items. Therefore, it is usually designed with stainless steel, with marble or tempered glass design.

Stainless steel dining tables and chairs are not only practical stainless steel furniture products, but also bring more different tastes to future home decorations. Therefore, it is important to choose a more decorative and more beautiful dining table. The popular plating K gold and black-plated process started, and the grade and taste of stainless steel furniture pushed to a very high realm. Stainless steel furniture set functions and aesthetic functions, some high-quality best have collection value.

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