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Liu Meng, born in Henan in 1990, lives in Jiaxing. Writing poems for more than ten years.

Rural song

I came back too late, so

I can’t refuse to ridicule from my hometown

This is a hot soil that is gradually falling into cold

The magma is dead, the stones collapse like

Destroyed promise

This is not my first time, but I always

One step later

Have you seen the stars

It appears in the south of our night sky

Put three evidences in front of you

So you forget

Before or after, up or down

Three o’clock one line always appears in the same box

A silent, irregular one

Geometric problem

Mom hangs the lantern in front of the door

The disease in your hometown is getting deeper

But it’s lighter and easier to forget

Almost no language

It’s the mother of the earth, it’s the cloud

The sisters are the hands and feet of the stars.

If you want you to choose, you would rather

Choose night

Choose hot snow

Choose a wooden door and

Mom who no longer shed tears

One day at the end of the year

We are going to the field, and we will be under the huge cloud.

Miserable light

I can’t see anything

The sky does not exist

Black and white big birds are looking for food on the ground

Blue, light, light, feathers flowing on the tail

Tuesday, at this moment

They open the wings of panic like a lid

The sharp bird’s claws are vulnerable, what is that

A thin leg, oblique black rain silk

Static, specific, non -stop jumping

I looked at the distance, my eyes cross the orchard quietly

There was a sweet way to rot on the ground sweetly

Amazing, sour, irreparable.

The branches are motionless, like a sharp blade waiting for the attack

That’s a piece of iron gradually giving up in the sun and hacking

But still full of cold atmosphere

Cold weapons, but with decadent will

At the wind, we ordered a cigarette

With this warmth, the fingers that are about to freeze

The container of the fingers bears our feeling of nature

Get so close

It’s almost overwhelmed by it

This time is going to pass. He says.

I don’t know what it means, maybe frozen

Just ignite his second finger

Smoke up over the village

Silent far away, white covering our eyes

Everything will disappear in white

The white heat represents the boiled water in the pot

The fragrance of the food is ruthlessly wiped through my belly

I heard the scream of snoring in the stomach

My mother I haven’t seen from home for a year came out of the house

Surrounding a short fence

And as soon as I saw her, I understood everything

We love that only thing

But the sun came out, so I was thirsty.

My stomach is heavy

Heat, full of nails

The sun has come out for a long time

We come outside

The sun follows rust

We love a child, he is not born yet

died. He has no mouth to speak

No ears can listen

No air can breathe

He has died for many years

Over the years in night

He is as happy as us

We love, our loss is as fierce as the bug

Bite the cloth of time into dust

We love, death from love

He holds our hand

Blue embracing the sun

His warm palm strokes

He ran around, as if he had grown up

But one day he will return

Persian chrysanthemum

Clasmly Sunday

Wind wander on the open space

The wind is also scared

Dodge in the sun in August

Since the sun rises from its northern hemisphere

Can’t fall back to the center of the world anymore

Like a shadow of a crane

Or countless feet of fairy cranes

With a long wish

Root the ground with a golden ground

The rooting is like a floating

As if the thin stems morning and evening party

As the sun disappears

Watching this Poses chrysanthemum

Can you distinguish them

Although the colors on their top

Pride and painfully integrate this color into one

No need again

Get golden eyes in the air

Only Persian chrysanthemum is open without shade

Unconsciously trembling the petals

Full of illusion, crazy

However, pain often makes people go forward

Go out

You walked through the long river bank and felt comfortable

There is nothing there

The softness after opening extends towards the bottom of the river

Flying without the bird from the river

It can’t find a place to stay

A comma or sentence ends behind yellow sand grains

Raise quietly


Nothing has been bent yet

Or vase -like landscape

Rotten in it, the juice flowing out

Dare you dare


Spring Liuzhi

You cry because it wants to drift

The river water is pale gray

Unsurbing epidemic, breath

Bringing the wind, the sad flower of wish

There is no end to crying, you need to stop from time to time

The heart is scared, climb up a steep slope and go down again

The ditch has been dug, and your shoes are not wet yet

Foot your feet in it


You touch wet dew and future in the cochlea.


a new day. I finished taking pills

The rest of the day is getting closer and closer

White pills I eat in the morning

Blue pills, I keep it at night

The red one disappeared, and it had no desire to get sick.

You have seen the moonlight on the cool window,

The world is like Lan Yingying’s waves

The water on the whole night is seen by you

You have seen a beggar, you thought

Can you embrace him

You have seen a boat walking on the water, moving in the port of winter

You have seen red trees and green flowers

You have eaten stones, you have tasted the taste of love and loneliness

But the day is over soon, and it will no longer start or repeat it for you

You will eventually get tired of your fear.


In the morning, I woke up from my dream incredible, and after a small meeting

Do you try to confirm that you are yourself

Let the resurrection on you yesterday and generate

Farther and farther, the ashes of the physical road

Children in the kitchen practice off the fire

Retain her teeth in a hot pot

Find it and redeem it

How proud, I took a face from the steam

My face is as cold as a stone

Just like she is looking in the mirror

Overnight tea spent overnight in a cup

The bearing of the cup -belongs to us

And we are debris

Death monotonous to have us

Hug us in a clear shape

And you think of a dream

Sadness and fright



I am worried in my stomach at night

Ms. wearing white shoes

where have you been

We all have short things

Disborn us at night

Good at night

It’s your bone on your feet

There is a dark river in my body

The years flow from me

From then on my salty taste

The red band is tied to you

You are getting fatter and more and more

Unfamiliar hug

I dreamed that my head was full of lice

My hair becomes white

My face was cut off

Crying is yours, the hair of your tears

Come to cold and silent at night

This silent loneliness is also yours

A needle can kill you

Ginkgo leaves are full of your shoes behind the door

You closed it, it explored behind you

You close yourself, you can’t hear it, you can’t see it clearly

In the four seasons, you move towards the four seasons

Carry with salt with you

Pods and books

I peel the pods in one afternoon

I peel off the dry bean shell

Smooth beans fall on the ground

The smell attractive green flies are crazy for it

I read a book, the same difficulty for me

Clear words

Fall from the yellow pages of yellow

In the black of my eyes

I thought when peeling the pods

The end is over

Still not past

Time, everything around me

Beans peeled in my hands

Does it matter

A book is completed

The rest was finished by me

It gives me a new identity

A sad heart

I thought of it very sadly:

How silent last night …

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We love that only thing

No need again

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