Hanging neck sleeveless sexy shoulder -shaped top with wide -leg pants, temperament and stylish

hello! Hello everyone, I am a gentle and lovely little swallow, a blogger who likes to share fashion wear experience. Friends who like me also hope that everyone will help to pay attention. Xiaobian is here for everyone. Xiaobian will continue to work hard to bring you more and better content. Today I bring you a hanging neck -style sleeveless sexy exposed shoulder shirt with wide -leg pants, temperament and fashion.


Recently, it has become more and more popular with retro trend, simple and stylish style clothing, and romantic combinations of daily leisure official atmosphere, bringing you full of leisure beauty, and the overall shape is very good. Always keep you classic fashionable and elegant temperament. It is an excellent costume for you to go shopping.


This pink sleeve -neck -shoulder sexy coat and wide -leg pants brought to you today, elegant and fashionable. Hanging neck -style tops, high requirements for height, and the best clothing that can show the best figure, can perfectly present the curve of the shoulder, the design style of the hanging neck type, the charming and long neck, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy Exquisite collarbone can be perfectly performed, and it can also increase the unique charm of women. The fold design covers the excess flesh, showing a good figure with a thin body. The matching of wide -leg pants, slim -fitting, is both avant -garde and conservative, very unique. The pink color can show a cute and gentle temperament.

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