The Korean version of the high waist is thin rolled denim denim shorts, showing out the beautiful legs you have nowhere to place

Wearing shorts in summer is a very normal choice. Shorts are the lower clothes that many girls like, because they can show their own advantages and not make people feel that they are exposed. Design makes the length of the body increased significantly, and the trousers on the rolling side also highlights its personality ~


In the impression of everyone, denim shorts seem to be the exclusive to thin fairy. There are no two beautiful legs that really dare not wear it. In fact, the beautiful buttocks are also very conspicuous when wearing denim shorts. Although there are many little fairy, there are no slender beautiful legs. But as a fat fairy, the S -shaped curve created by the hips is also very beautiful.


There should be a bunch of denim shorts in each girl’s wardrobe, but does it have the one that is really suitable for you? The existence of a pair of correct denim shorts can not only help you modify the leg lines, but also improve the hip curve, let your figure greatly add points, high -waisted jeans are the right choice.


High -waisted denim shorts are very suitable for a slim T -shirt. It was originally slender waist. Of course, it is necessary to show the most beautiful part with the S -shaped curve. In fact, whether it is short legs, thick legs, or not perfect legs, I chose to choose The suitable version of the denim shorts can show the best side.

High -waisted denim shorts are still sought after by the little fairies, simple and stylish. High -quality denim fabrics are not easy to deform, comfortable and breathable and not easy to go. The trousers on the rolled side can also make girls look slimmer visually, covering the excess fat of the thighs ~ casual kit T -shirts can also let you make a casual t -shirt allow You become the most fashionable girl in the crowd! Intersection Intersection More dressing in Taobao store: Yingjie Boutique Taoyi Fang

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