No need to hang the curtain anymore! The glass film that is transmitted and unprepared solves the embarrassment of privacy in the bathroom

In order to protect the privacy of the bathroom, the old ways of many families are to hang curtains to the windows. Although this can really prevent indoor privacy, the bathroom is humid, and the curtains hanging are always moldy, and it is still not small.

Is there any way to cover the privacy of the bathroom and to be humid? The popular method is to put a layer of electrostatic glass film for the windows. Next, follow the editor of Hongwei New Sciences to learn about it:

【Moisture -proof+protection of privacy】

Static glass film is made of PVC material

Don’t worry about moisture and mildew mildew

Fruits and patterns of glass film


Can effectively block indoor privacy

According to the actual measurement below, we can see:

Paste a white matte glass film on the window

When a person is close to the glass, you can see a blurred shadow

When a person is about 20cm from the glass, you can’t see the figure around 20cm

Human off -glass 60cm can’t see the figure

Meet the privacy needs of daily families

【Easy to paste】


Static glass film

Principles of electrostatic adsorption


Don’t need to be like hanging curtains when installing

Set the sliding rail or punching

Just clean the window


Spray enough water

Turn off the protective film behind the film

No need to have too many professional methods and experience


You can easily paste at home alone

【Decoration and beautification】

Multiple style pattern patterns

Chinese style, minimalist, modern sense


Suitable for multiple decoration styles

While protecting privacy

Beauty home home and improve quality of life

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