The 45 -year -old nursery really understands fashion. The shirt with the hip skirt section is exquisite, advanced and intellectual

With the increase of temperature, more and more girls like to wear skirts when they go out, because compared to trousers, the women’s femininity will be stronger and the coolness will be stronger, but everyone is wearing When wearing a skirt, you need to choose the style that suits you according to different needs and different figures. The actor nurseries wear shirts with hip -hip style skirts.

Analysis of the styling of the nursery:

Bright color shirt -wear out of eye -catching

The 45 -year -old nursery really understands fashion. The shirt with the hip skirt is exquisite, advanced and intellectual. For women of all ages, shirts are essential items in wardrobes, but when you choose a shirt, you will basically try to start with the simplest basic color, because the basic color is relatively 100. Put, but the basic color is not bright enough. The bright -colored shirts like the nursery will be more eye -catching. The orange shirt can also have a moderate effect on brightening the skin color.


Putting on the horns of the jacket -upper waistline

This shirt is a loose one on the design, and the design of the hem is relatively long. When you wear it, it is easy to show too lazy. If the essence is better, you can try the most classic dressing method when you wear it. Use this classic and easy -to -use dressing method to raise the position of the waistline The effect of proportion.


High -waist hip skirt -showing long legs and showing figures

The body of the nursery is very good, and the slender and skinny will not look too dry. This high -waisted hip skirt is very simple and pure in color design. With a complementary matching effect, the high waist -style skirt lifts the waist line with long legs, and the style design of the hip hips can show the unevenness of the origin.


Light -colored hat -the concave shape is first -class effect


The nursery is paired with a light -colored hat on the head, and the color matching method combined with bright colors and light colors in the color matching of the body to present a visual richness. The light -colored hat The overall shape looks more complete. At the same time, for female stars, the combination of this hat can also play a certain role in sunscreen.

Analysis of other styling of the nursery:

Satin set


The matching of the set is the most time -saving, simple and easy to use and can match a sufficient sense of harmony. The basic dark color set can be worn in daily life, on the stage or event occasion. The color system is very advanced in fabric design. The exquisite satin design method is very skinny. In summer, you can also emphasize a sufficient refreshing sense.

Same color matching

The basic color system of the foundation is the best for mature women. It is very simple and low -key in color matching, but it can show the visual harmony and extension through the basics of the same color system. Use the short and back -long design method to wear a chic feeling. The lower body with high waist pants of the same color can be raised on the waist line to show long legs.

Light -colored short small top+dark pants

There are many kinds of color matching. Girls who are not good at color matching can try the basic color system of the foundation, and use the matching method of the same color system to wear a visual harmony. If you have a strong ability to control the color The color matching method shows a complementary effect. The light -colored top of the upper body is paired with the dark pants of the lower body.


Looking at the appearance, you can’t see that the nursery is already middle -aged. Although it is more than 40 years old, but the figure is slender and skinny, and the face value is online. This is the correct way to open the middle -aged woman.

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