The heroine likes the male lead.

I like to watch the heroine secretly love the male lead and marry the male lead. The male lead is recommended to the female lead. Welcome to add haha ​​~ first abuse women and then abuse men’s tone ~

“Wedding Wedding”

Author: Long Universe

Love first after marriage, the male lead does not cherish the female lead after marriage

Calm Story Diplomacy Diplomacy Male Lord & Calm Tender Family Family Female Lord

Thunder: The male lead has a slag, and he doesn’t remember him.

The male lead is a great god diplomat. He is gentle and gentle, and is perfect anyway. At the beginning, he decided to give the heroine a loveless marriage, so he had been out for many years after marriage. It belongs to the kind of sincerity that has never recognized the heroine. The hostess could not perceive his feelings, which led to the separation of the later.

There is a female match, the girlfriend of the male lead and the heroine before marriage, was forced to be taken away by the male lead and dads. Six years later became a colleague of the male lead, and it was very interested. That’s right, this female partner is the huge stumbling block of the male and female affection. One seemed that the heroine learned that the male lead was accompanied by the female second in the hospital, and the two quarreled a serious fight, and then the child fell … (the child is still)

The hostess was quite decisive. After marriage, she fell in love with the male lead, and she bravely handed over her love, and also left decisively after being hurt. In the back, the male lead saw his heart clearly, and he chased his wife’s cremation field.


There are also parts of the male and female protagonists in the memories, but they are actually very sweet. The male lead put down the female partner very early, that is, he and the heroine lack communication (Yun Bei)

So this book is considered sweet and abused. The old style of the bridge section, but the author is good, and you can see it ~



“Fake Noble”

Author: Mo Shubin


The story of the male lead big trotters, the steel straight man, the story of the wife abuse, the story of chasing his wife’s cremation field

Qingmei bamboo horse+deep love love deep+broken mirror reunion


The female abuse is mainly memories. The male abuse is really strong! There are tears!

3. “She is poisonous”

Author: Baijiu Banquet

Calmly holding the lawyer female lead vs, dogs, dog gas president male lead, breaking the mirror round, chasing his wife cremation field

4. “After marrying an adulterer”

Author: dark blue color

Love first after marriage, chase his wife cremation field

Bai cut black power minister & Little Sun Shijia Miss

The age difference, the male lead is six years older than the female lead

The male lead is Tai Fu, and he is the youngest champion of the dynasty. Because the prince is too young, it can be regarded as the regent! The people have rumored that he is a traitor, but not. The male lead is setting up for the country. He is diligent and hardworking.

At the beginning, the male lead became the champion. He horses on the street and was at a loss, but just inadvertently, the heroine fell in love with him. At the beginning of the novel, it was the male lead as a bait. After the injury was injured, the female lead was very worried. The male lead and sister saw the heroine’s intention and asked the emperor to get married and rush to the male lead. The hostess’s family did not agree.

Give a marriage imperial order. Everyone is the hostess who has entered the wolf nest. Sooner or later, it will be tortured by Yao Qing and the ruthless male lead to death. Some people worry about her, and some people are gloating. But only the heroine knows how exciting for many years of love is true! Intersection Intersection The first half is that the heroine has always chased the male lead. Although he stumbled, he also successfully pried open the heart of the male lead under the accumulated efforts and efforts. But the male lead does not love the female lead. The wife really can write, that is, although this section is obviously a bit sweet, she can also feel that the male lead is not completely attentive. So the heroine couldn’t support it, and the two were alienated.

In fact, the male lead just doesn’t understand what love is. Originally, he was Puzang Yuanlang. Because of the faint emperor and the family was broken overnight, the male lead’s heart was not only responsible for his sister and the promise of the border veteran of the teacher and friend. The author said that the inspiration to the male owner was in a poem. Gu Zhenguan’s “Golden Qu (Two)” of Gu Zhenguan in the Qing Dynasty: “I have also been drifting for a long time, for ten years, the deep grace is exhausted, and the life is the teacher and friends.” Lonely and sad tone. At this time, the heroine broke into his world, making his heart softened, but not enough. However, the female lead was indeed wronged. The male and sister reminded the male lead many times, and did not take it in heart. After the female lead proposed and left, the male lead realized his mistakes and began to pursue the heroine again.

In fact, there was no cremation field chasing his wife. The female lead did not have resentment. She was a very transparent person. When the male lead “washing his heart” chased her again, she did not make it. Everything was smooth. The author grasped this degree very well. It would not let the male dregs make readers ask BE one after another, nor will it make people think that the female lead is a big question to be a male lead. Anyway, at the balance point of a male and female abuse, people feel that chasing his wife should be due to success, and successful recovery is also inevitable. After the two were again together, they gave birth to a small bun called Nian Nian.

The auxiliary CP in the text is not large, but the person is great.

The calm and ruthless Miss Miss and the romantic son. One married to him just for his position, he had no affection for him; before the marriage, he didn’t care about marrying, but quickly fell in love with the other party and turned his head to lick the dog. Face plot is really fragrant.

The mature and stable palace maiden and the bearing load of the new emperor.

One was sent into the palace for a slave because of the crime at home, helping him only for his prince, but he became more emotional in the later relationship; Grab firmly from now on. Sister and brother are petite wolf dog or something.

A good story, not shed dog blood, has a feeling of quiet years.



by Ai Xiaotu

This article appears in the collection of almost every first abuse of women and abuse. The hostess worked hard to marry the male lead, and then asked not to, and left. Finally, the male lead chasing his wife.



“Harmony on the night, she became mushrooms”

Author: blue and white burning

The mushroom in the title is a gift from the male lead to the female lead, feeding with the blood of the male lead. Later, the mushroom was killed by a female match, and the heroine collapsed. Add all kinds of misunderstandings and magic things. The heroine was magical. I always thought that the heroine had become mushrooms. After watching it for a long time, I realized that the heroine lost her memory and thought that she was mushrooms. In the end, she was a demon war and found that the heroine was mushrooms. This setting is also very strange.

Looking at the degree of personal acceptance, this novel was a routine with a strong blood smell of ancient dogs in the early stage, and it actually turned into a sand sculpture text! Intersection Intersection Intersection

The plot is given to everyone: the male lead is an emperor who has absolute power and strength in Xiu Xianjie, is the kind of big man who can save the world and water and fire, but not a good husband. The strength of the absolute strong has caused the male lead to not pay attention to love. (But in fact, it is very loved by the heroine.) The heroine is a very beautiful and spell girl, but the comparison of this spell and the practice of the male lead is not worth mentioning.

The status of the male and female lead was not equal at first. The male lead is the kind of person who only respects me. For the male lead, the female lead is dispensable, and it is just the icing on the cake. Thunder: The female lead completely attached to the male lead in the early stage, and turned around the male lead all day. The ups and downs of the mood were because the male lead. The male lead was very happy to her. The male lead was sad to her. Lian Ziyi … The heroine often quarrels with the male lead. The male lead has never coaxed the female lead. They all indirectly let the heroine serve themselves, and then follow the female lead’s steps.

The last quarrel, the male lead accepted Ji Ji from others. Moreover, the heroine found that she had raised mushrooms for many years, and was raised to death by the male lead. (For reasons) Now, the heroine and the male lead can’t go on. Coupled with the female lead, she was injured, and she was also in the demon. Then, the style of painting mutations …

After the heroine becomes mushrooms, the way of thinking changes, fun! It also began to abuse the male lead. The heroine has previous memories, but it is already a mushroom without emotion. He shows good love to the male lead, and has no response at all. The male lead has also begun to change, and the feeling that the heroine was ignored by the female lead was a growing text ~

In the early stage of the comment area, the thieves were distressed by the female lead, and then they felt that the male lead was pretending to be committed. However, in the later period, the male lead was still so arrogant. Following the change of the female lead’s mood, he felt that the man was damn, hahaha

Also, the two people guess I guess and the plot of the male and female lords, although they don’t write much, it is quite interesting. In addition to the emotional line, the plot line is also very good -looking. The content of the back and the foreshadowing in the front have a feeling of “the original, powerful”. The author’s structure is quite large, and the supporting role is also very cute.

The author’s intention is also great. Not only are the two sides in materialism, but more importantly, after the spiritual peers, it will be sweet when they are in love!

7, “My Private Labor Zhuo Zhuo”

by Joevan

An old article, the heroine likes the male lead, and married to the male lead, but the male lead is cold and hot to the heroine, and uses the female lead, the female lead with pregnancy and the male lead to divorce … the ending HE ~

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