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Autumn is here, and the sunflowers are blooming. How to shoot sunflowers on a large, golden sunflower?

Today I will share with you 5 universal techniques to shoot sunflowers.

Figure 1

First, the close -up of the sunflower

The following photo (Figure 2), the local close -up of the sunflower was taken. The picture screen is simple and the subject is prominent. Of course, it is not so much a sunflower photography, it is better to shoot bees.


Figure II

As the center of interest in the picture, one, one, or two, too much will appear messy, not good. As shown in the figure below (Figure 3), the two bees echo each other, it’s good;

Figure 3

The shape of the bee must be smart, and the posture of “inverted gold hook” is more tension and the best effect. As shown below (Figure 4).

Figure 4

The close -up sunflower has many other creative shooting. As shown in the figure below (Figure 5), the entire sunflower plate is covered with pictures, beautiful details, scattered petals, and impact the viewer’s visual nerves. The form is beautiful and rich in color. It is a good sunflower.

Figure 5


The photographer should be a careful person and should be full of Zen thinking. In this way, the beauty of details can be found in all things in the universe and given meaning.


The following photo (Figure 6), with the background of the blue sky, the sunflower petals are yellow flames that dance. The form is beautiful and agile.

Figure 6

Below (Figure 7), against the warm morning light, the sunflower petals are crystal clear and echoed with Chaoyang. The picture is beautiful and peaceful, and it is also rich in Zen.

Figure 7


Second, close -view shooting sunflower

The following photo (Figure 8), a typical close -up sunflower. Select one or two of the most handsome sunflowers in front of them as typical representatives, placed in a prominent position, focusing on performance. This is a common manifestation of various art fields.

Figure 8


The sunflower in front of the screen, because of the visual perspective, is larger; the appropriate shallow scenery is more prominent. In this way, there is a master, the primary and secondary are clear, the picture is more tension and rich in layers.

Similar situations, as well as the following figure (Figure 9), the sunflower in front is clear; the middle row is relatively vague; the last row is faintly visible to the trees as the background. From the front to the back, it is gradually blurred and the level is rich. Such a scene can be encountered. Photographers must be good at discovering and capable of handling.

Figure 9

Third, mid -view shooting sunflower

The following photo (Figure 10) should be taken to sunflowers. A sunflower, the whole plant entry; the sunflower is located near the golden segmentation line, and it also shows the “long legs” of the sunflower; the slightly lower machine is based on the sky; the picture is simple and the subject is prominent, 666.

Figure tenth


In the figure below (Figure 11), the sunflower’s sunflower is under the bath in the morning, orange and yellow, vibrant. Sunflowers echo each other, and the earth and the sky are organically combined. The whole picture is peaceful and beautiful.

Figure Eleven


All the scenery on the earth is a perfect match with the sun and the moon. Therefore, when you find that the scenery on the ground is relatively single and bland, go to the sky to find inspiration. Many landscapes are because of the sun, sunset, moon, and stars, which give better forms and significance.

Fourth, panoramic shooting sunflower


The following photo (Figure 12), the sunflower field in special weather. In the sky, the dark clouds cover the top; the ground is endless. The panoramic shooting sunflower flowers field, three -pointer composition, the sky occupies one, and the flower field accounts for two. It has a relatively complete explanation of the overall scale and shows the majestic momentum of the main body of the sunflower field. For a while, it was vast.

Figure 12

Similar situations, as well as the following figure (Figure 13), also shot the panorama of the sunflower field. At a glance, the sunflower field that could not be seen echoing the blue sky and Baiyun. The picture is simple and atmospheric.

Figure 13

The picture below (Figure 14) is also a photo of a panoramic sunflower field. Panorama shooting Kuihua field is high in the scene and is often difficult to shoot.

Therefore, for novice photography, shooting the landscape is more long -focus. The telephoto was taken, and then used a wide -angle lens.

Figure 14

Fifth, shoot sunflower field, find a interest point

In this column, it should be said that it should be introduced to shooting sunflower flowers fields, but it is usually difficult to shoot such a scene, and there is no example. Simply share a photo of rapeseed flowers.

The following photo (Figure 15) is a vision of a rapeseed field. At this time, the rapeseed field is only part of the big scenery.

Figure 15

The following photo (Figure 16) is a photo of the sunflower field decorated with someone. People are the elves of nature. After the corresponding dress, they can be used as the finishing touch of any natural landscape.

Figure 16

Below (Figure 17), the house is the center of interest in the sunflower field.

Figure 17


Below (Figure 18), the forest in the distance is the center of interest in the sunflower field.


Figure 18

The following figure (Figure 19), the “big windmill” that falls high and low is the center of interest in the sunflower flower field.

Figure 19

To shoot a sunflower flower field, to find a interesting point, this is a typical scene of scenery photography. However, it should be noted that interest points must be related to the main body of the landscape and have no sense of disobedience; some sunflower fields comes with rhythm, and there is no need to find interests.

As shown in the figure below (Figure 20), the sunflower of the vertical lines is already beautiful.

Figure 20

The figure below (Figure 20), the sunflower field as the foreground, from near to far, rich in layers. Coupled with these “big windmills” as interest, some chaos and snakes have been added.

Figure 21


The picture below (Figure 22), is it more refreshing to remove these large windmills? Yes.

Figure 22


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Figure 33


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