Caesar Entertainment Exclusive introduction to WeChat line payment, open Vegas consumption without cash era

Beijing August 9, 2017 / US News / – For a long time, Caesar Entertainment Group has been a good partnership with China’s leading social information software WeChat. In August this year, Caesar Entertainment Group will first open WeChat payment function in its Caesars Palace and the Linq Promenade, becoming the first hotel in Las Vegas to open this feature for Chinese tourists. group.

The first phase of WeChat payment function is started on August 8th, and Tencent’s 30-day promotion activities “global no cash day”. The company participating in the WeChat payment project includes, a highly praised Bacchanal Buffet, Chinese Restaurant Beijing, 11 boutique retail stores in Caesar Palace, the world’s Supreme Sightseeing Ferris Wheel High Roller Ticket Office, Lasviga The Eiffel Tower of the Sparis Hotel and the Delink Hotel in the Central Duver Street (here, the wonderful show show for more than 50 Caesars “, including the back street boy, small sweet Brandi, Hilin · Dion, Alton John, Jennifer Lopez and other superstars. Not only that, in August this year, payment with WeChat can also enjoy up to 10% immediately cash. In 2018, Caesar Entertainment will continue to advance in cooperation with WeChat, and pay WeChat to all merchants in Caesars Palace and other resorts.

“We have long been a good market strategic relationship with Tencent and WeChat, in order to welcome Chinese tourists. The opening of the WeChat payment function will help us interact with Chinese tourists and meet their reservations and Bruce C. Bommarito, Vice President of the International Marketing Department of Caesar Entertainment Group, said, “Caesar Entertainment Group is the first company to launch WeChat hotel reservations and companies payable, this move will also make us A larger market share in the rapidly growing Las Vegas China Leisure Tourism Consumer market. “

As one of China’s largest two mobile payment applications, WeChat payment has become an important part of our daily life with its extensive application and multi-party merchants. Whether it is a taxi, supermarket shopping or go to the hospital, WeChat payment can be solved. Today, Chinese tourists can now consume in the Caesar Entertainment Hotel in Las Vegas. When WeChat pays, the exchange rate will automatically settle the dollar at the time of consumption.

In September last year, Caesar Entertainment launched WeChat reservation function, users can complete Caesar Entertainment 9 Las Vegas hotels on its WeChat official public account, nearly 24,000 room reservations. Caesars Entertainment is the first company in the United States and the only company that is promoted by China Tourists in the United States. Before the end of this year, Caesar Entertainment Plan adds another 10 hotels in the United States to the WeChat reservation system.


WeChat is now 33.8 million global active users, and WeChat payment has nearly 600 million global active users. According to the World Tourism Organization, UNWTO data, China’s overseas tourism spend has increased to $ 261 billion last year, and the United States is the second largest purpose of China’s tourists.

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Caesar Entertainment Exclusive introduction to WeChat line payment, open Vegas consumption without cash era

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