Use A -line skirts to create a beautiful temperament style this spring and summer, right?

Hello everyone! I am Xiaonan. In the blink of an eye, it is more than half of the spring, and the hot summer is coming soon. As the temperature increases, the items on your body have gradually turned to light and thin, and the skirt can almost unblock from the closet! The skirt that Xiao Nan wants to introduce today is the gospel A -line skirt of a girl in the shape of a pear -shaped figure! A -line skirt, as the name suggests, has a loose hem like A -shaped. It can just modify the lines with poor hips and thighs. It can be said that all girls can try! However, it is not possible to wear it casually. It is a bit particular about it. Like a thin girl, it is not suitable for choosing A -line skirts that are too hard, and it is easy to make you look like a walking lamp! Below Xiaonan simply compiled some A -line skirt matching skills, let’s take a look together!

1. Short version playful and cute

The short version of A -line skirt feels like it is suitable for creating cute and sweet winds, with loose tops or printed T -shirts, and a pair of canvas shoes or sneakers on your feet. A set. Since it is a short skirt, you need to choose a stiff material. It is very good like a denim cloth. You can avoid embarrassment when you encounter a strong wind.


2. Middle long skirt temperament intellectual


The medium -length A -line skirt is relatively gentle and knowledgeable than the short model. It gives people the girl’s change to the young lady next door. At this time Cotton and linen are so comfortable and breathable and have a sense of drooping. The upper body can be simpler. White T or loose shirts are casual and temperament. It is suitable for daily work!


3. Lazy one style


If you are a lazy fairy, you can choose a piece of jacket A -line skirt to easily get a day of matching. If you want to make a sense of layering, you can lined with a T -shirt or a small coat. Silk scarf these.


The above is the analysis of today’s A -line skirt! As a major category of A -line skirts, the style has become very rich to this day. I believe there is always a suitable one that is suitable for you. The girl must be you.

Author: ArticleManager