Cool and handsome cool pants for summer

[Little Qi Tao goods] Cool and handsome cool pants for summer

The weather is really fine these days, and the temperature in Zhengzhou has begun to rise here.

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

So you can expose your skin happily, how about the weather over the girls?

I watched TV yesterday. It is said that there is an El Nino phenomenon this year, so the rainwater is particularly many.

Not to mention the authenticity of this trailer, it is easy to cold on rainy days. Pay attention to the signs of the girls.

A few days ago, in the collected compilation comments, many girls need to wear cool pants in summer

Well, it is indeed a good idea

Although the summer is mainly skirts, there are still many sister paper prefers pants.

So today’s compilation is the theme of cool pants

In summer’s pants, the first one should be cool, right?

Therefore, the material is basically the most lightweight materials such as chiffon, simulation silk, suit collar, etc.

In the version, of course, the high -waisted pants that the small girl must have, with a short top, or stuffing the hem of the top into the waist, which is both refreshing and high

The wide -leg pants, suit pants, and cone pants that have been popular in recent years are really the first choice for summer

Sister paper with poor leg shape and not perfect, choose non -body trousers such as wide -leg pants and suit pants, completely cover up

Don’t worry about exposing your body at all

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★★ One.

Momo custom temperament British style retro gray lattice nine -point pants female casual pants K6198

¥ 145.00 Taobao View details

Retro tempera

This grid is the less obvious grid of gray, which is very advanced

The pants type is a bit of a conical version, not too loose, but it will not be stretched on the legs

Sister paper that is worried about HOLD’s wide -leg pants can look at this kind of suit pants more

Wear suit jacket, T -shirt, casual shirt,

With double white shoes, it is also super praised, simple and generous, look at

★★ 2.

Mengz pie cropped pants summer women’s pants thin pants children’s casual pants stitching pleated pants legs suit pants Z598

¥ 109.00 Taobao View details

Thin, stitching pleated pants legs suit

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Composite silk fabric, touching and soft touch, very good breathability

Pants stitching pleated effect, very cute design

★★ 3.

Exclusive custom spring and summer retro, thin size, tight high waist chiffon wide -leg pants nine -point black pants skirt wide -foot pants

¥ 76.00 Taobao View details

Retro and thin, loose high waist chiffon wide -leg pants

The nine -point pants are long, and the little girl don’t have to worry about being too long

Exposing a small ankle, covering the calf and belly, visually look thinner

The outer layer is a very textured pleated chiffon, and the inner lining is a very smooth chiffon material

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

It feels like a little skirt to wear, and it is very elegant to walk

The loose waist design does not pick the waist circumference, it is more convenient to wear and take off

★★ Four.

Original self -made summer new nine -point nine -point trousers female straight color color gray loose casual pants wild diligent pants

¥ 89.00 Taobao View details

Nine points, straight split solid color versatile pants

The super simple nine -point pants type does not have a hint of burden to put on the legs and straight legs

Crossing college leisure, all kinds of styles are randomly matched

The trousers in front are relatively thin

It may be that summer is here, the girl’s heart is germinated, and the pink model is more beautiful

★★ 5.

Daxi self -made wild black elasticity is super good, you can split black flared pants summer female trousers in summer

¥ 128.00 Taobao View details

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Black black, super good elastic pants

The design of the sealing line makes the pants even more stiffened and not afraid of no type

Micro -pants type, you can wear this kind of flared pants that are not used to exaggerated

Elasticity and pendant feel are good

The length is the length of eight points! The little girl doesn’t have to worry about the president of the pants!

★★ 6.

[Yeswomen] Xiaoyi 2016.5.10-10 New products start and shoot casual without repairing 8 points of jeans

¥ 129.99 Taobao View details

Leisure wind, do not repair 8 points of jeans

Although the wide -leg pants and cone pants are hot, I have to say

Blue is very nostalgic, retro, and gray style is more temperamental

Suitable with flat shoes and slippers heels small heels

The length is eight -point length, but the little girl will be more suitable

★★ 7.

ALOHA Studio dew -matching clothes independently make super good version thin straight straight suit pants

¥ 158.00 Taobao View details

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Super good version, thin straight straight suit pants

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Simple basic model. Not exaggerated, not picking people, but also very thin

With a professional shirt, a casual T -shirt, or a more lady’s suspender, it is completely okay

The waistline belongs to the middle and high waist, not a complete high waist

★★ Eight.

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Vanzo custom Korean version of thin feet Harun pants nine -point pants wide -leg pants female 2016 spring and summer new casual pants

¥ 149.00 Taobao View details

Small feet, Haron cropped pants wide -leg pants, there are XS codes

The version is more casual than the above

Small loose version of Harlen pants, can also be called radish pants

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

The fabric is breathable and comfortable.

The fold design in front is better to cover up the thick legs, which is great

★★ Nine.

Xiaoyu Liangpin Japanese Little Fresh Women’s Seven -Legs Women’s Pants Women’s Pants Spring and Summer New Student Pants Academy

¥ 94.44 Taobao View details

Japanese small fresh, seven -point knitted cotton wide -leg pants

Woven cotton wide -leg pants, comfortable and elastic

The wide and large pants legs look lazy and sweet, especially the color tone, especially fresh

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Loose waist design, do not pick the waistline and body at all

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Just match a basic T -shirt

★★ Ten.

Korean style simple solid color chic leisure leisurely loose waist pocket darkening vertical line eight -leg pants female

¥ 69.99 Taobao View details

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Simple tempera

The fabric is very unique! From a distance is solid color, in fact, there are vertical lines and dark lines

Loose waist, loose wide -leg pants, basically do not pick people

In addition to black, cream apricot color is also very versatile, and it feels like summer

★★ Eleven.

MISSWU Custom Light and Comfortable Faber Loose Loose Lights Turbic Pants High -waisted casual women’s pants three colors

¥ 129.00 Taobao View details

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Light and comfortable, high -waist loose and loose collection lantern nine -point pants with XS code

The style is so much! High waist+nine -point version, suitable for small girls don’t need to say more

The favorite is the closing design of the pants mouth, which is sharp and stylish

Very suitable for summer matching, upper body with a tight knitted vest, beautiful

★★ Twelve.

Sjia original 2016 new European street street personality handsome print color loose loose wide leg pants women’s tide

Personality street wind, print color loose wide -leg pants

Modern and handsome feeling

It’s very suitable for leisure time to wear

The upper body is equipped with a simple solid color T -shirt, and a pair of chirkens, or human character drags

★★ Thirteen.

Glip/Last Night Star/Art Retro Loose Loose Leisure Wide Pants Skirts Jancart Pants Women 2016 New

¥ 118.00 Taobao View details

Retro artistic, loose casual wide -foot skirt pants

The retro wide -leg pants are made into the effect of skirt pants, and it looks more casual and free.

Naturally, there are some folds under the waist, and it feels casually and has a feeling of falling.

There is a small hollow design at the foot of the trousers, cool and uniquely

Still not to pick the waistline, tight waist, very good

★★ Fourteen.

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Jane ripped jeans female high -waist loose beggar pants women spring and summer 2016 new casual pants

¥ 99.00 Taobao View details

Poly -breaking elements, high waist loose jeans

Very loose boyfriend style, no leg type

Get up the trousers, expose the ankle, neat and spiritual

With a pair of small white shoes and white T, it is refreshing and natural

★★ Fifteen.

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Tea partner wine/simple lace tin silk casual pants female 2016 Xia Xinwen tight waist black pants

¥ 79.00 Taobao View details

Simple lace, Tian silk casual cropped pants

Simple and loose silk casual pants, octagonal pants long, small girl is very suitable

The flexible and drooping sky fabric, it is cool and breathable in summer, and it is very dazzling.

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

The waist is tightly designed, and the built -in drawing is considered a dual guarantee.

★★ 16.

The split elegant gods are all cool chiffon wide leg pants must enter

¥ 159.00 Taobao View details

Open design, elegant chiffon wide leg pants, XXS code

The metal ring+split design on the side cannot be better!

It has a sense of elegantness and a little femininity to wear

The overall feels like a skirt, but it is even more neat

It is great with a simple T -shirt, lace shirt and the like

★★ 17.

Meimei Xia Xia: Recommended must -enter -enabled super -nice style wrinkled wide -leg pants

¥ 177.00 Taobao View details

Good version, wrinkled wide -leg pants, there is an XS code

The elegant version, the temperament is high and the meat is hidden

The beauty of the white model is fresh and fresh, which is the feeling of summer

This kind of loose pleated pants have a feeling of coming with the Queen effect

★★ Eighteen.

MMC self -made elasticity Slender ring zipper tight leggings Women’s summer new small foot pants trousers

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

The elasticity is thin, the ring tight leggings

The thickness of the fabric is just very breathable and comfortable

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

The kind of elasticity is super large, you can split, haha

The more special is metallic zipper and ring design

★★ Nineteen.

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Lizi homemade original 2016 summer fashion, loose thin, open nine -bit small foot sports pants Haron pants female

¥ 98.00 Taobao View details

Loose and thin models, open nine -point small foot Harn pants

Continue to high waist routes, which is very high necessary

There is a opening on the side of the leg, a small sexy and careful machine, spring and summer are dew

★★ Twenty.

2016 spring and summer new product Korean version of black and white pants jeans women’s slimming thin small foot pants pencil pants

¥ 77.00 Taobao View details

Black -and -white holes are thin and thin pants

How can there be no pants in summer?

The white model is particularly suitable for summer feelings, casual and personality

清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

Just as long as the ankle, if you want to be shorter, put your pants feet

★★ Twenty -one.

DALU Studio 2016 new fashion casual jumpsuit female summer trousers repair nine -point pants wide -leg pants

¥ 248.00 Taobao View details

Simple and stylish, conjoined wide -leg pants, there are XS code

Black and dark green, dark green than black, more retro flavor

The fabric is relatively smooth, the feeling of dangling is full, and it is easy to take care of it

The V -type collar is really great, thin and young, very suitable for big breasts girl paper

Step on a pair of high heels, the Queen Fan’s general attack is rushing


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清凉又帅气 夏日必备的凉爽裤装

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